Everywhere All the Time

By: Hern, Matt (editor)

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What's wrong with our education?—School! Debates about education often revolve around standardized testing, taxes and funding, teacher certification—everything except how to best help kids develop learning skills. Everywhere All the Time presents an array of historical and contemporary alternatives to traditional schooling, demonstrating that children's capacity to learn decreases as soon as they enter bureaucratic, institutional facilities. Trends indicate an increasing skepticism toward current public and private school models. They fail to offer kids the skills they need to be healthy, self-directed life-learners. They stifle creativity, and encourage conformity of thought. They utilize draconian disciplinary measures and a one-size-fits-all approach to learning. Government control of, and corporate intrusion into education has been a further disaster for communities concerned with the welfare of their youngsters. Alternatively, the deschooling project offers self-directed learning strategies for children

Title: Everywhere All the Time

Author Name: Hern, Matt (editor)

Categories: Kids, Education & Parenting

Book Condition: New

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