Sex, Drugs & Magick

By: Wilson, Robert Anton

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A potentially explosive book, if it catches on. It is remarkably free from the Alice-in-Freakland logic so popular among drug scene apologists; concurrently it has enormous built-in appeal for those we lump-for want of a more explicit term-into the counterculture. Wilson's major concern-the causal relationship between the real sex drugs (marijuana, hashish, cocaine, the psychedelics) and sexual pleasure and performance-is pursued via case histories, consideration of the medical and social scientific evidence, and personal formulations (e.g., a tabular comparison of ordinary sex and sex on varieties of dope). All of this is accomplished in an easy spirit of author-reader camaraderie. But Wilson's turn-on goes well beyond examination of the sensate drug-sex experience: he analyzes historically and cross-culturally the use of stimulants in Christian and Oriental societies, finding parallels, for instance, between Masters and Johnson's recent findings and Hindu practices. More important, he sees the drug-sex equation (or revolution) as precipitating a holy war within the hitherto repressed Christian (or puritan) soul-the crisis in Christian culture is mainly sexual [and] we should not be surprised that sexual elements are very prominent in the unconscious channels opened by the Drug Revolution. Wilson recognizes the hazardous side of the drug milieu and includes a risk-warning glossary which emphasizes moderation and small doses (I write as a war correspondent, awash in a deluge of propaganda from both sides), but his sympathies are openly pro-liberation-Timothy Leafy, he says, made the second most important scientific-political decision of our century (the first was Einstein's resolve to help the U.S. obtain the A-bomb) when he decided that LSD was too important to be monopolized by any government, or any scientific committee, or any other elite; that it should be available to all. To reiterate: if this essay gets the attention it should, psychos

Title: Sex, Drugs & Magick

Author Name: Wilson, Robert Anton

Categories: Drugs
, Occult, Metaphysical & Spirituality
, Erotica, Sex, Sexuality & Smut

Publisher: Original Falcon Publications: 1993

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Binding: Trade paperback

Book Condition: New

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