The Compleat Distiller

By: Nixon, Mike and McCaw, Mike

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Worldwide, there is a growing interest in distillation by those who enjoy making alcoholic beverages, essential oils, botanical extracts and perfumes. We have read books that purport to describe how distillation works, but got it wrong in whole or in part, and some that detail how to build a particular type of still and operate it, but which are based more on myth than sound scientific and engineering knowledge. We came to the conclusion that there was a crying need for a book that gives a detailed account of the entire subject, avoiding old wives' tales and dealing entirely in verifiable facts Our book describes the science and the principles behind distillation, the practice of small scale distillation, and several designs for different kinds of stills, all thoroughly tested. We fervently hope that our readers develop a thorough understanding of the process, which can only broaden and deepen their enjoyment of this activity. Following this philosophy, every subject introduced begins with how does this work? and progresses to how can I do this? . This book has been 9 months in preparation, 9 months of careful checking and painstaking research. For everything in it has been verified as fact, and every piece of equipment has been made and rigorously tested to prove that it works, and works well. You will find no myths in this book, no statements made that are not backed up by fact. In the process, many cherished beliefs have been exposed as fancy, and as a result have been swept away to make room for significant advances in design and technique. We must stress that this book is NOT an incitement to those who live in countries where distillation of alcohol is illegal to rush out and break the law. Home distillation of alcohol is an ancient and honored tradition in many parts of the world, and is completely illegal in others. The wisdom (or lack of wisdom) of the laws prohibiting small scale distillation are not a subject for this book.

Title: The Compleat Distiller

Author Name: Nixon, Mike and McCaw, Mike

Edition: 2nd edition

ISBN Number: 0476008190

ISBN-13: 9780476008199

Location Published: Auckland, The Amphora Society: 2004

Binding: Trade paperback

Book Condition: New

Categories: Food & Booze

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