By: Mery, Michel

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Pyrexia by Michel Mery describes the reality of Abelard, who in the opening chapter has just found Pyrexia, the sex goddess at the beginning of the universe. But the alarm rings, forcing him out of his Global Un-Manifested (GUM) tour of other beings reality. Can he find her again? And what about all the trips he makes with the GUM to 20th and 21st Century Paris and New York City?

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It would take me pages to explain how brilliant Pyrexia is, but the publishing industry wants a blurb less than a sentence long. -- J.G. EccariusMery's invention of the Global Un-Manifested (GUM) machine is to inspire an entirely new branch of science fiction. -- J.G. EccariusIt's hard for Abelard to keep secrets from his anima Kahani in their tiny apartment overlooking the canyon of Valles Marineris on Mars. Kahani is mad about his infatuation with Pyrexia, a cosmic female sex deity Abelard accidentally ran into while strapped into the Global Un-Manifested (GUM) machine. The GUM is the main form of entertainment of their civilization and usually sends them back to experience historic earth's New York City or Paris. Abelard is also having a lot of trouble keeping out of debt by working on the Linked Lattice at Large (or LLL) terminal, the ultimate evolutionary appliance of the Internet. His memory seems to be playing tricks on him, his very life seems to be splintering, not unlike the lives of the 20th century bohemian characters the GUM machine allows him to inhabit on earth.

Title: Pyrexia

Author Name: Mery, Michel

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ISBN Number: 1886625026

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