The Secrets of Building an Alcohol Producing Still

By: Gingery, Vincent R.

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An intelligent person knows that hoarding gasoline is not a solution to fuel shortages. An intelligent person finds alternative solutions, and this machine is just such a solution. Instead of trying to stockpile gasoline, you can make your own substitute out of sugar, corn, potatoes, or almost anything you can ferment into alcohol. This still will remove the water, creating almost pure alcohol, nearly 200 proof, so you can burn it in just about any type of engine. Here Vince will teach you how to take common plumbing parts, copper sheeting, and standard electrical parts and build a 6 gallon capacity still. He'll show you how to malt, mash, and ferment corn into fuel and turn it into fuel. And Vince will show you how easy it is to get a license and do all this with the blessing of authorities. The still heats the wash with a water jacket in which is immersed a 120 volt water heater element. Temperature is controlled with a continuous thermostat. Eventually vapors boil through the rectifying column to the condenser. If you carefully maintain the precise temperature, you'll get almost pure alcohol. The fuel you produce is not going to be cheaper than gasoline unless you have a low cost source of fermentables and want to make a version you can fire with scrap wood or coal. But if you can't buy gasoline at any price, even alcohol at three or four dollars a gallon is a bargain. I'm sure you could use the still to make whiskey and brandy. But I'll tell you up front, that's against the law whether you sell it or not. The Feds want their taxes. If you're going to make moonshine, don't tell me about it. Great book! Be independent. Thumb your nose at the corner gas station. Build a still, and make fuel. Order a copy. 8 1/2 x 11 softcover 76 pages

Title: The Secrets of Building an Alcohol Producing Still

Author Name: Gingery, Vincent R.

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Book Condition: Brand New!

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