Rifles and Knives: Manufacturing the Ross Rifle and Press-Button Knife

By: Hamilton, Douglas T.

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Rifles & Knives. Articles from Machinery Magazine. Reprinted by Lindsay Publications. In 1911 the Canadian-made Ross rifle was quite a weapon, having a breach pressure resistance of 100,000 pounds that could fire a bullet at more than 3100 feet per second while rotating at 257,000 rpm --- more than any rifle at the time. It was adopted by the Canadian militia and used as well as for sporting purposes including international competition. Here in four highly illustrated articles you get the details on how the rifles were mass produced. You see the jigs and special machines used, but you also watch one man expertly straighten barrels by hand, one after another. You'll see the equipment to cut the extra tight rifling used in this rifle. You'll see the equipment used to measure muzzle velocity and sight accuracy. You'll learn about gages used to ensure that parts were interchangeable. No, this is not detailed how-to on rifle building. This is how the big boys did it back almost a hundred years ago with equipment not much different than what you and I have. No computers. No CNC. No plasma cutters. Just simple equipment, and that rarest of all tools: ingenious minds. Next, discover a short article showing how switch blade knives were mass produced in a factory in Walden, New York back before WWI. You'll see the dies used to stamp the parts needed. This isn't how-to, but I'm sure your devious mind could find a way to make a bunch of these and get into one helluva lot of trouble. Interesting technological history at the least. More interesting reading from early issues of Machinery Magazine. Get a copy of this. You'll like it. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 softcover 64 pages.

Title: Rifles and Knives: Manufacturing the Ross Rifle and Press-Button Knife

Author Name: Hamilton, Douglas T.

Categories: Weaponry & Tools

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