The Rip-Off Book

By: Santoro, Victor

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This is the single finest book ever written on the subject of frauds and con games. It goes into vast detail on what frauds are, how they work, and why we are vulnerable to them. And unlike other books, it even tells you how to strike back if you have been victimized by a rip -off. Contents of this amazing book include: * Why crime pays for the fraud artist * How con men stay one step ahead of the law * Why police and prosecutors often will not bring charges against fraud artists * Where fraud overlaps legitimate business practices ­p; where do you draw the line? * Six reasons why criminals choose frauds over other crimes * Anatomy of a fraud ­p; six elements common to all con games * Classic Swindles ­p; new wrinkles on oldies but goodies ­p; some are over one hundred years old, but are still claiming victims today! * Frauds against small businesses ­p; what to watch out for * Cons that can be worked on your relatives while you're out of town * Remunerectomies and other health frauds * How con men can find out your unlisted telephone number * Mail fraud ­p; more popular now than ever * Frauds involving sex ­p; how they operate and how they get away with it * Real estate frauds and land swindles ­p; still around today * Frauds involving the telephone * And much, much more, including how to strike back if you have been victimized, a glossary of terms, and much more! 

Title: The Rip-Off Book

Author Name: Santoro, Victor

Categories: Loompanics

ISBN Number: 915179180

Binding: Trade Paperback

Book Condition: Brand New!

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