Natural Building and a New Sense of the Earth

By: Cobb Cottage

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Visit some of the world's best natural builders and the ecologically sound, inexpensive and elegant homes they are creating out of earth and straw. See homes that you can build as well. Featured in the video is: Linda Smiley and Ianto Evans who pioneered the use of building with earth, straw and sand called cob in the U.S. and who now run the North American School of Natural Building in Coquille, Oregon where they and their students have used natural building methods to create a little village. Coenraad and Courtney Rogmans. They took a piece of undeveloped land, built straw bale and cob buildings complete with solar electricity and a water catchment system, and teach natural building workshops. White Oak Farm, an organic farm educational center. Watch as they put the final touches on a striking timber-framed straw bale and cob community center. Brenden Flanagan, with his family and friends, turned a remote wooded hillside into a snug community of homes and gardens. Rob Bolman, an advocate of incorporating natural building techniques into mainstream building practices. He created an ecovillage in the middle of Eugene, Oregon, and now speaks passionately about the link between natural building and social justice. Meka Bunch, who after only a week-long workshop, built his own elegant cob cottage and now works sharing natural building with people abroad. Kiko Denzer, a sculptor and cob builder, and his wife Hannah, an organic gardener and baker. They transformed a dilapidated outbuilding in the country into a cozy cob home surrounded by beautiful gardens. Become inspired by these individuals working towards creating beauty in the world.

Title: Natural Building and a New Sense of the Earth

Author Name: Cobb Cottage

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Book Condition: Brand New!

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