Manufacture of Whiskey, Brandy & Cordials

By: Hirsch, Irving

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In 1937 the author, a chemical engineer, put together this industrial handbook to teach others how to produce hard stuff. Chapters include whiskey, treatment of grain, rye whiskey, distillation of liquors, distillery equipment and appliances, manufacture of brandy, of apple-jack, of pear brandy, of slivowitz, of fruit brandy, of rum, of gin, of miscellaneous liquors, of cordials, blending, maturing of spirits (very important), artificial maturing of spirits (trade secrets?), clarifying liquors, water, sugar and syrup, coloring and much more. We're not talking about small moonshine stills or white lightnin' that tastes like liquid fire. This is good stuff. We're dealing with big stills and big processes the way the pro's did it and are probably still doing it. You get diagrams of many different types of stills, condensers, filters and so on. You get recipes for everything from gin to creme de cocoa. You get useful tips on blending scotch whiskeys, problems that occur if whiskey stays in bond too long, problems with sweating casks and much more.

Title: Manufacture of Whiskey, Brandy & Cordials

Author Name: Hirsch, Irving

Categories: Food & Booze

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Book Condition: Brand New!

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