The Dead Emcee Scrolls: The Lost Teachings of Hip-Hop

By: Williams, Saul

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The ultimate collection of “hip-hop poetry,” The Dead Emcee Scrolls: The Lost Teachings of Hip-Hop is a book written as if it is the recently recovered manuscripts of the original b-boys (Sirius b). Through what is essentially a collection of hip-hop poetry, it aims to unveil the metaphysics of hip-hop. The writings are credited “By Anonymous.” Thus, the author, Saul Williams, is listed as the editor/translator. The book includes a disclaimer and apology from Saul Williams for previously claiming authorship of some of the text included. In truth, the book is a collection of poems, commentary, and essays by Saul Williams all dealing with hip-hop. “Yes,” he says, “I am willing to refer to my poetry as “hip-hop poetry” in this instance. Why? Because its approach makes this book so interesting.” Saul has fictionalized his personal story in the introduction, by asserting that he found these ancient manuscripts and simply translated them and read them at poetry readings. The book includes commentary and footnotes on some of the poems so that overall the book reads as if Saul is truly and simply the editor/translator of these ancient texts. Some of the poems included in this collection – many that Saul is best known for - were previously collected in his first book The Seventh Octave: The Early Writings of Saul Stacey Williams (published in 1997 by Moore Black Press and now out of print.) However a great many are new poems. This is Saul Williams at his best. A serious collection of his work, yet overlain with humor, so that it is at once a spoof (a satirical take on hip-hop) and intense commentary on our existential search for peace, among many other layers of interpretation

Title: The Dead Emcee Scrolls: The Lost Teachings of Hip-Hop

Author Name: Williams, Saul

Categories: Beat Generation, Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski & Poetry

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