The Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship

By: Wolfe, Claire

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Every few years, American voters get fed up and throw the bums out. One party sweeps to victory on promises of change or getting government off our backs. Such monumental electoral changes swept the country in 2008. And 1994. And 1980. And 1968. But amid all this change, the one thing that never actually does change is the one thing we imagine we're changing—government. We throw the bums out—and throw another bunch of bums in. We vote for smaller government—and government gets even bigger. We vote for less spending, and spending soars. In other words: no matter who we vote for, the government gets elected. It's hopeless, we tell ourselves. There's not a damn thing we can do to change anything. But that sort of cynicism simply just plays into the system. There are alternatives to the failed methods of good citizenship, and that's what this book is about. Let freedom activist Claire Wolfe show you how to use a bad attitude to effect real change: Bypassing politics entirely to get things done and preserve your freedoms. Keeping politicians and bureaucrats in their place—and out of yours. Halting the increased militarization of police. Choosing between creative disregard and civil disobedience. Assessing the necessity of elections in society. The goal of Claire's unconventional brand of political action is to generate a momentum of individual independence around the country, at the same time as government-as-usual engineers its own doom by being oppressive and unresponsive. There may not be a sea change at first, but as more and more citizens become fed up with the status quo and find cause within the freedom movement, change could come bullet-train fast. Claire Wolfe is one of the great revolutionaries of our time. . . . The Bad Attitude Guide makes a great stocking stuffer—it is a unique book and a unique perspective. ––Brian Wilson, Radio Show Host. Claire Wolfe is the author of The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook and I Am Not a Number, both published by Paladin Press. She is the coauthor, with Aaron Zelman, of the young-adult novel Rebelfire: Out of the Gray Zone. She is a regular contributor to S.W.A.T. magazine and Backwoods Home.

Title: The Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship

Author Name: Wolfe, Claire

Categories: Activism, Rebellion & Politics

Binding: Trade Paperback

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