Mytinerary Log Book

By: Pennyspencer

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LOG ON, LOG OFF, LOG CABIN, LOGarithm. Whats a LOGBOOK? Ask WIKIpedia: a log of important events in the management, operation and navigation of a ship. And who is the CAPTAIN! YOU, of due COURSE! LOG BOOK, a separate function of MYtinerary Annual Planner, is a multicolored 4 section journal with green hand-cut and sewn folder separaters and green ribbon placeholders. The final section contains blank pages as well as printed material fit for your LIST-making habits including PRIORITIES, PROFILES, PROJECT STATUS, MESSAGES, and LOCATION TASKS. The log book has approx 240 pages, each color is around 24 sheets, which is 48 6x9 pages. The dividers are folders and there are 3! The print section with organizer paper has about 34 pages and there is also some extra grey tone blank paper in that section, making it a larger section of the book. Color code your interests and assign them to a section! Keep all those little floating scribbled notes in folder pockets and transfer them into their sections at your convenience! Track your progress on specific Tasks! ABOVE ALL, NAVIGATE your life better with a PLOT organizer!

Title: Mytinerary Log Book

Author Name: Pennyspencer

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Binding: Spiral Bound

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