Hashish: The Joy of Making and Curing

By: Cherniak, Laurence & Dronkers, Alan

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This book is to take the readers on a discovery adventure to help end any more poor hashish being made or produced, especially from resin that has a history of good genetics, particularly, in the temperate climates of our world, This book also shows how some people do the proper thing if they have the right genetics but were not yet able to make good hash out of the resin they have extracted from the plant. Most people, these days, do not cure their resin but process it right away into hashish, by using a lot of heat and pressure. This is comparable to the quality of marijuana that is dried too quickly. The best Cannabis Cup Marijuana, winning quality, is achieved by drying under slow and cold conditions (with ventilation) over a period of at least 3 weeks. Super quality hashish needs to be cured slowly (with a warm temperature) over a period of at least 3 months. During this time it should be kept in an enclosed container. This container should be air tight. Then it must be opened approximately every three days to prevent mustiness from starting). This is a verfy safe way to watch and see the hashish resin merge into a beautifully condensed harvest. (Dough style material) ========================================================= The natural humidity in the fresh resin is already enough for the curing to happen. 1. Meld with the other particles. For example: This can be done with resin intended to make hashish that has dried too quickly. However: With plants that have dried too fast and taste green they can not be revived in this way. This pen was subsidized by the Nederland Government which was given to Alan by a nice girl.One of the most significant thoughts about curing is the simple reality as first metioned in Volumbe One, Book One of The Great Books of Hashish was having and knowing what the just right and exactly right thing was when it came to have a perfect piece of hashish. To have such a prize or talisman meant to have the patience to allow the hashish in most instances to cure for at least 3 or 4 months. Very little hashish resin can be extracted from plants and smoked (very happily) within a month of creating. Even marijuana buds and vegetative parts like only the calyxes should be cured for several weeks as well, in lower temperatures. Curing resin into the state that it would be called a perfect ball of hashish, on the contrary requires warmer temperatures. Most of the time when people winning the resin from the dried plants the humidity in the extracted material is sufficient for this curing to function properly. It is mostly recommended that the resin be stored during this part of the process in an air tight enviroment like a sealable glass jar, or any sealable container. When storing the fresh resin it must be approximately 50% dry and placed in an air tight environment like a sealable glass jar, or a vacuum sealed container or seal pressed bags but not zip lock bag (or any other kind of plastic bags) s which do not really seal to the degree that we are suggesting here and now, especially the zip-locks that are not for food. In Nederland the name for hashish resin has become Polm. 2. When Nederlandishe Polm will still easily crumble after having been in a warm oven for a few months then it still is not ready to be pressed into anything like the temple balls you see in the photos in this book. After three months the resin has changed properties and you can basically form it into balls by hand. This material already has the properties of flowery hashish. This material can still be processed by rubbing and or pressing into darker hashish varieties. Some genetics however are so oily that they can be rolled into your hands right away, into dark oily temple balls like those that you see on the front cover of this book, without the rubbing or pressing. This again is related to its genetics because the famous hashish varieties of the world are what they are, not because of the region that they come from nor because of climate, soil and growing method. The quality of all hashish is determined purely by the genetics. All the genetics of the great hashishs that we have known and enjoyed are still being grown all around the world. 64 pages 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

Title: Hashish: The Joy of Making and Curing

Author Name: Cherniak, Laurence & Dronkers, Alan

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Binding: Trade Paperback

Book Condition: Brand New!

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