Hacker's Handbook 3.0

By: Dr K

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Hacking is never out of the news. As technology develops so do the criminals and their techniques. Examining the new dangers the Internet faces underscores the point that the Internet is still a vulnerable and fragile technology. No area of computing has generated as much mythology, speculation and sheer fascination as hacking. From Hollywood's perception of hackers as sinister, threatening cyberwizards who know how to get in to all the most important computer systems worldwide, to the computer trade portraying such people as nothing more than nerdy criminals, misinformation abounds. The truth is that hacking is fun, and a past-time that the bulk of competent computer users would love to get involved in-just for the challenge. This expanded, revised and updated edition of Hackers' Handbook 3.0 looks at the whole phenomenon of hacking, from its beginnings in the computer networks of the early 80s, through some of the legendary hackers and their exploits, to the basic tools that hackers use today-and how to guard against them, or apply them yourself to start learning the art of information retrieval. There is also a full range of hints and tips for getting the most out of the basic Internet tools we all use, such as email, the World Wide Web, and more. Hackers' Handbook 3.0 is the ultimate guide to this intriguing electronic art. Contents Intro to Hacking; Hacker Culture; The Hacker's Toolbox; Hacking The Web; The Elements of Cracking; Telecommunications and Phreaking; Privacy and Security in the Age of the Web; Copyright in the Age of the Web; Censorship and Censorware; Transnational CyberCrime; CyberWarfare and CyberActivism; The Death of the Internet? ; Maximizing Security.

Title: Hacker's Handbook 3.0

Author Name: Dr K

Categories: Field Guides, How-To Manuals, D.I.Y. & Reference
, Weaponry & Tools

Edition: Expanded, Revised, Updated ed. Illustrated.

Publisher: Carlton Publishing Group: 2008

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