Armed Defense Gunfight Survival for the Householder and Businessman

By: Rapp, Burt

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There have been lots of books and articles written dealing with defense against crime. Most give advice about locks and alarms. Some even advise the reader not to buy a gun because it could be more dangerous to himself than to the criminal. This defeatist viewpoint is typical of the person who knows nothing about guns. This book is for the person who has decided to use a gun for protection. If you prefer to hand over your wallet to the thug, stop reading right here. If you feel that extra locks and alarms are all you need, don't read any more. If you truly feel that you could not use deadly force against a person threatening your life, this book is not for you. Make out your will and be sure your insurance is paid up. This book will show you how to teach yourself to shoot well enough to save your life in a variety of situations. You will learn techniques and tactics that work, not just reflections of somebody's theories. You will find out how to protect yourself by deciding what tactics you need. This book also covers what you need to know about the legal and emotional aspects of surviving a gunfight. Armed Defense is a book that should be read by every householder and business owner ­p; it could save your life and the lives of your loved ones. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 214 pages

Title: Armed Defense Gunfight Survival for the Householder and Businessman

Author Name: Rapp, Burt

Categories: Field Guides, How-To Manuals, D.I.Y. & Reference
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, Weaponry & Tools

Publisher: Loompanics Unlimited: 1989

ISBN Number: 9.78E+12

Binding: Trade paperback

Book Condition: New

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