American Gun Culture Report #4 The Cute Issue Winter/Spring 2009

By: Eliot, Ross (ed. )

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Do you like guns but hate gun people? Are you uncomfortable when political progressives support every amendment from the Bill of Rights but the 2nd? Do you wish you could walk into a gun store in full drag and get advice on which holster will best hide a full size 1911 automatic (and spare magazine) with your fabulous outfit? If you answered yes to any of these questions, AGCR is just what you ve been looking for. The gun rights movement has been tested in recent years and been found severely lacking. For all their cheap talk of freedom, the American Rifleman and Gun's & Ammo's had little to say when Bush suspended habeas corpus, lied his way into a preemptive war, superdupersized the federal government and gave unaccountable corporate interests free rein to pillage our economy into where it wallows todday. The future of the movement lies with serious individuals who count the right to self defense as just one among many freedoms worth defending. In forwarding that direction, for the last three years AGCR has published writing on issues relating to guns, social violence and politics by liberals, Libertarians, queers, feminists, anarchists and Socialists. We've got a long way to go, so lace up your boots and throw a copy of AGCR in your backpack, between the makeup kit and box of hollowpoints.

Title: American Gun Culture Report #4 The Cute Issue Winter/Spring 2009

Author Name: Eliot, Ross (ed. )

Categories: Zines & Pamphlets
, Weaponry & Tools

Publisher: Portland, Oregon, AGCR: 2009

Binding: Trade paperback

Book Condition: New

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