Grow Your Own Food Made Easy: Nutritious Organic Produce from Your Own Garden: A Step-by-Step Guide

By: McDowell, C. Forrest & Clark-McDowell, Tricia

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Why This Guide is So Important There is a growing Earth-friendly revolution taking hold: the desire to have more choice and control in the foods we consume. Food gardening at home, or in a community plot, is part of a broad shift in consciousness that focuses on wellness, nutrition and self-sufficiency. Personal or community food security allows households to provide more of their food needs and/or to share their harvest with others in need. Home food gardening reacquaints us with optimally fresh, tasty and nutritious fruits and vegetables costing a fraction of store-bought produce that is often shipped long distances. It teaches children that fruits and vegetables come from the earth, not grown in grocery stores. It inspires us to be healthwise: to remember that we are what we eat. Importantly, food gardening can save us hundreds of dollars a year in food expenses. The Old Model Food policy today is primarily based on creating a dependent consumer whose needs are determined by government, large corporations, agribusinesses, politics, and media marketing. As a result, home food production and preservation in the U.S. has declined from 35% of households in 1870 to only 1% in 2005. Additionally (and in spite of scientific advances), people suffer from diminished health and healthcare, poor air, water and soil quality, and overprocessed, nutrient-poor foods. Perhaps most detrimental to individuals is the loss of a heartfelt and informed connection to this Earth: its soil, water, air, habitat and species. Earth s natural resources are too often associated with commodities. As a result, people forget to live simply so that others, and this Earth, may simply live. They misplace the spirit of stewardship and generosity. The New Model The basic foundation of a new food policy restores informed choice as a prosumer: one who is empowered in their lifestyle habits and needs to be part of a broader solution to respect Earth s resources, to live within one s means, to commit to

Title: Grow Your Own Food Made Easy: Nutritious Organic Produce from Your Own Garden: A Step-by-Step Guide

Author Name: McDowell, C. Forrest & Clark-McDowell, Tricia

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Publisher: Eugene, Oregon, Cortesia Press: 2009

ISBN Number: 942064739

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