Back from the Void: A Modern-day Shaman's Odyssey Continues

By: Seven, Zoe

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Consciousness researcher Zoe Seven returns in Back From The Void engaged in new experiments, which lead him once again into uncharted territories of the psyche. This time, he combines the shamanic Amazonian brew ayahuasca and the psychoactive diviner s sage Salvia divinorum together with hemispheric synchronization of the brain via mind machines. This alchemical fusion brings about a never-before-experienced altered state of consciousness he coins the Zenith7 state. While engaged in it, Seven discovers that he has been unwittingly guided by these ancient plant entities to combine them something never before attempted as these plants needed to psycho-energetically mate inside the mind of a human. Find out for what purpose, and learn how Nature is in the process of helping create a critical mass within the human species via symbiosis with plants, as humanity begins to acknowledge the mass hypnotic hallucination called waking reality and readies itself for the coming evolutionary leap of consciousness into a new realm of existence. Back From The Void depicts the mind and experiments of a new explorer of the psyche, Zoe Seven. In a style reminiscent of pioneering scientist Dr. John C. Lilly s autobiography Center of the Cyclone, or Ken Russell s film Altered States, Back From The Void is a must read for professional and amateur psychonauts alike.

Title: Back from the Void: A Modern-day Shaman's Odyssey Continues

Author Name: Seven, Zoe

Categories: Drugs
, Occult, Metaphysical & Spirituality

Publisher: Zon Worldwide Media: 2005

ISBN Number: 975588303

Binding: Trade paperback

Book Condition: New

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