The publishing wing of our little empire is kicking into high gear just in case the world is ending. So if you're an adept with the pen as well as the sword, perhaps you should send a little something our way.


Lemme guess, you went to Evergreen, traveled the world, smoked a bunch of dope, had a wild and crazy ball and think you have a book in you. Well, we'll be the judge of that, hippy.


Got a crazy survivalist know-it-all uncle living in your attic? Give him a bottle of Jack, a typewriter and get him all riled up and see what pops out the other end. 


Got a radical performance poet for a nephew? Send 'em our way.


The stranger the better, but polished is appreciated. No total nut-jobs please, that's why Yahweh invented Lulu for you bobos.


Last Earth Distro is a radical imprint of Last Word Press.

Send submissions to [email protected] or mail 'em old-fashioned style to:


Last Word Press

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