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Zediker, Glen D. Listings

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 1.  Handloading for Competition: Making the Target Bigger

Zediker, Glen D. 096269259x / 9780962692598 Paperback

Brand New 

Handloading for Competition is a brand new book by the author and publisher of The Competitive AR15. It's a guide to practical precision in producing high-performance ammunition. Ten major sections and one hundred separate segments detail all aspects of developing and producing ammunition for High Power Rifle, Silhouette Rifle, or serious varminting. Tools, methods, and processes for sizing, seating, case preparation are examined. Fixing primer problems like pierces and blow outs (and what really causes them). Bullet selection, real world accuracy and ballistic performance, and proven (because they win) loads for all popular competitive cartridges, plus both sides of bullet coating. Testing and development have their own sections, and there's also a special Long Range chapter by Scott Medesha, U.S. Palma® Team member. This book is a very large collection of information, ideas, and essays on the production of high-performance ammunition for use in competition rifles. We promise you've never read a loading book before like this one! This book details every nuance of realizing maximum ammunition performance, and finding out why if it's not working like it should. Unlike reloading manuals, Handloading for Competition discusses the integration of the loaded round into the shooting system (which includes the shooter). Confused? You won't be for long! Learn to make the right choices custom tailored to the unique needs of shooter, rifle, and course of fire. Handloading For Competiti on has an extremely readable format. Just like The Competitive AR15, this book is designed for easy access and clear identification of each topic. Open the book to any spread and there's something there to enjoy, whether you've read everything preceding it or not. The unique format features a blend of fact and opinion, each presented separate from the other. We do our publications that way because we understand that not all experiences are shared, and that it's a big mistake to ever assume that what works for one will work the same for all. Within these pages, however, are answers! There are 450 pages and over 350 photos, charts, graphs, and illustrations. 7x10 size, very high quality. It's packed! If you liked The Competitive AR15, you'll love this one! 
Price: 34.95 USD

 2.  Service Rifle Slings: How to Choose, Assemble, Install, and Use M-1907 and Web Slings for Competition

Zediker, Glen D. B0012JTFD6 Paperback

Brand New! 

This book came through after I took a look atSlings & Things and realized that it might indeed be wise to focus on the information geared to Service RIfle shooters and also then expand it as much as possible to provide these folks with way more than they ever bargained for. I like that. As said in the material on Slings & Things, it was this very idea, and material, that led to the wholeBasics And Beyond Series, and to Slings & Things hisself. Although the books share essential information and photos, there are many NEW things inService Rifle Slings that aren't in the larger book. That in no way detracts from Slings & Things but does point up the essence of Service Rifle Slings. That's all it is, but that's a lot. I managed to add a good 10 pages to the material contained in Slings & Things. For instance, there's even more detail in the assembly and mechanics materials, and a step-by-step sequence for another hook up method that's not in Slings & Things. 
Price: 19.95 USD

 3.  Slings & Things: Basics and Beyond Series Volume 1

Zediker, Glen D. B0012JWRMW Paperback

Brand New! 

This book didn't take me as long to write as some of the big ones, but it took 30 years to figure out what to put in it. Guess what? It's all in it. The title might sound a little obscure, but here’s what it means. This book is about slings and all the other things we need to function as competitive NRA High Power Rifle shooters.That’s spotting scopes, coats, mats, hats, gloves, kit, and more. I started my Basics & Beyond Series with this one because it will answer the most common questions experienced shooters get from beginners, and also from other experienced shooters. It’s the same questions I ask folks like David Tubb, Middleton Tompkins, and all those at the top level. We can all learn from all, if we listen. I’ve been asking and listening for a whopping lot of years now, and I’ve been learning. I learned a few new things writing this book. 
Price: 19.95 USD

 4.  The Competitive AR15 Builders Guide: How to Choose and Assemble All the Components to Construct Your Ultimate AR-15

Zediker, Glen D. 1450716075 / 9781450716079 Spiral Bound

Brand New! 

The Competitive AR15: builders guide offers step-by-step instruction and insight that will help you build your own ultimate AR15. This book wasn't written for professional gunsmiths, but for those who have the desire and aptitude to tackle AR15 assembly on their own. It takes some tools, and know-how, and this book thoroughly covers it all! This book is for all who want to learn more about AR15 firearms systems construction and operation. This book also concentrates on parts selection and preparation, not just hammers and pins! Knowing how to get what you want, and be happy with the result, is truly the focus of this book. Doing it yourself gives you a huge advantage. The build will honestly have been done right, and youll know it! Any little problems will have been fixed, several function and performance enhancements will have been made, and the result is youll have a custom-grade rifle without paying custom-builder prices. 8-1/2 x 11, 272 pages, 800 photos 
Price: 34.95 USD

 5.  The Competitive AR15: The Mouse That Roared

Zediker, Glen D. 962692565 Paperback

Brand New 

The original! The Competitive AR15 is a complete and detailed study of our newest precision rifle sensation: the super accurate AR15. This rifle has taken the world of NRA High Power Rifle by storm, winning every individual National NRA Service Rifle Championship for the past five consecutive years, and, of course, G. David Tubb and his SR-25 won Camp Perry in 1997. Find out why: all the answers are in this book. Every aspect of modifying, shooting, maintaining, and handloading for match-grade AR15s is stripped down, turned inside out, and shook to pieces. Service Rifles and Match Rifles are treated separately and completely, as are special purpose AR15s such as IPSC and varmint rifles. There have been AR15 books, and there will be more, but there is no other that offers such a complete analysis, truly useful, practical information, and details, details, details as does The Competitive AR15. Glen has worked professionally with some of the greatest shooters on the planet, as well as leading industry insider rifle builders, manufacturers, and proven authorities on gunsmithing, barrelmaking, parts design and manufacture, and handloading. And he does pretty well on his own: Glen is a card-carrying High Master and earned that classification using an AR15 Service Rifle (and the information he put into his books). He's also had dozens of articles published in magazines like American Rifleman, Guns & Ammo, The Rifle Shooter, and Precision Shooting. He currently does a department on AR15s for GUNS Magazine. More about Glen Zediker. Written and engineered with the input and collaboration of champion shooters like 11-time National NRA High Power Rifle Champion,David Tubb, and USAMU ace, Sgt. Lew Tippie; gunsmiths Scott Medesha, Derrick Martin, Bill Wylde, and Albert Turner; and industry leaders like Jimmy Knox of JLK Bullets, Walt Berger, Sierra's Kevin Thomas, Boots Obermeyer, Krieger Barrels, and a dozen others, this book examines all aspects of the super accurate AR15. And always with a professional and practical focus: you'll be able to use the information and experience in this book to discover the waiting potential in an AR15 (the rifle's and yours). The Competitive AR15 has an extremely readable format that's unlike any other you've seen. It's designed for easy access and clear identification of each topic. The unique format features a blend of fact and opinion, each presented separate from the other. Author Glen Zediker did it that way because he understands that not all experiences are shared, and that it's a big mistake to ever assume that what works for one will work the same for all. Within these pages, however, are answers! This book is nearly 300 pages and has over 300 photos, illustrations, and tables, 7x10 size. 
Price: 29.95 USD

 6.  The Competitive AR15: The Ultimate Technical Guide

Zediker, Glen D. 1607023997 / 9781607023999 Paperback

Brand New 

This is an ALL NEW book that comes 10 years after the first. The Competitive AR15: the ultimate technical guide takes an in-depth look at every system component and rifle configuration in a total of 30 segments. To help answer the questions of what to get and what to do, this book features detailed segments on a dozen different project rifles. Six were full-custom NRA Match and Service Rifles, cost no object, best of the best versions that defined my ideas of the ultimate AR15. I also took a look at the other end of that spectrum and evaluated two factory-built target rifles. I built up carbines, tactical, varmint, and even .22s! That's not all that's in here, of course, because each and every major system and component set gets its own separate segment: magazines, bolts and carriers, gas system, triggers, stocks, forends, sights (optics too), even firing pins! There's a huge HANDLOADING segment, as you would expect... A lot has changed over the past few years, and here's the low-down on what's working and what's not. It can be easy. Also, there are several cartridge alternatives now, like the Grendel, and all are featured in this segment. The Big Gun gets its own pair of segments, one for ammunition and one that addresses the construction of a custom-built competition rifle. The scope is expanded, the information is complete, and the focus is detailed. It's way better than the first and that's partly because there is so much more now to talk about! 
Price: 34.95 USD



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