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 1.  Albania: Laboratory of Subversion

Anonymous London Elephant Editions 2000 


47 p. stapled zine/pamphlet 
Price: 4.50 USD

 2.  At Daggers Drawn: With the Existent, Its Defenders and Its False Critics

Anonymous London Elephant Editions 2001 


39 p. 
Price: 2.99 USD

 3.  Becoming Riflemyn

Anonymous Last Word Press 2014 PAMPHLET


The Riflemyn is capable of hitting 20" targets from 500 m with standard, rack grade equipment and ammunition. The Riflemyn does not rely on special equipment for marksmanship, but on skill and knowledge. The Riflemyn is non-aggressive, patient, hesitant to use a rifle. The techniques explained in this pamphlet will help you to become a more competent riflemyn with out having to fire a single shot. Learn the basic concepts of Natural Point of Aim (NPOA), Minute of Angle (MOA), Zeroing Your Rifle and Cadence. 
Price: 5.00 USD

 4.  Burning the Cassette

Anonymous Zine/Pamphlet

Brand New! 

An exploration of contemporary anarchism and its challenges. Examines contemporary culture and its effects on insurrectionary anarchism. A cult classic. 
Price: 3.50 USD

 5.  Consensus: A Brief Introductory Guide

Anonymous Last Word Press 2014 PAMPHLET


What Is Consensus? Consensus is a process for group decision-making. It is a democratic method by which an entire group of people can come to an agreement. The input and ideas of all participants are gathered and synthesized to arrive at a final decision acceptable to all. Through consensus, we are not only working to achieve better solutions, but also to promote the growth of community and trust. 
Price: 2.00 USD

 6.  German Secret Weapons Of World War II: Here is a remarkable look at exotic tanks, aircraft, rockets, U-boats and more, all based on actual German ... made it further than the drawing board, some

Anonymous Paladin Press 0873643453 / 9780873643450 PAPERBACK


0873643453 Brand new. Photo is of actual item. Trade paperback binding. Earthlight Books is a family owned and operated, independent bookstore serving Walla Walla, Washington since 1973. 
Price: 45.00 USD

 7.  Interrogation: Techniques And Tricks To Secure Evidence

Anonymous 873646258 Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

Used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to train interrogators, this manual details the insidious methods by which the mounties elicit confessions after all fair and legal tactics have been exhausted. Must reading for every police officer, as well as for every citizen who might one day, innocent or guilty, sit across the table from an interrogator. 
Price: 14.00 USD

 8.  Lock Picking Simplified: A Self-Teaching Manual for Students of Locksmithing

Anonymous 879471018 Zine/Pamphlet

Brand New! 

Now you can do it! Lock picking requires knowledge of the lock itself, a certain amount of manual dexterity, and lots of practice, but you will be well on your way to mastering this little known art with the help of this basic manual. Inside you will find diverse descriptive sections covering all kinds of picks, their respective locks and tumbler assemblages, disk tumbler picking techniques, and every necessary tool. A fine self-teaching manual. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 20 pgs, illus., & softcvr. 
Price: 11.95 USD

 9.  Long Live Mutiny: Pirate Tactics

Anonymous Last Word Press 2014 PAMPHLET


Though you are a sneaking puppy, and so are all those who will submit to be governed by laws which rich men have made for their own security; for the cowardly whelps have not the courage otherwise to defend what they get by knavery; but damn ye altogether: dame them for a pack of crafty rascals, and you, who serve them, for a parcel of hen-hearted numbskulls. They vilify us, the scoundrels do, when there is only this difference, they rob the poor under the cover of law, forsooth, and we plunder the rich under the protection of our own courage. Had you not better make then one of us, than sneak after these villains for employment?-Pirate Captain Bellamy to a Captain of a merchant vessel. 
Price: 3.00 USD

 10.  Said the Pot to the Kettle: Feminist Theory for Anarchist Men

Anonymous Pamphlet

Brand New! 

24 page stapled zine/pamphlet. This is a fantastic comic-zine which goes over a summary of patriarchy, feminism, anarchy, and how they all interact. It’s funny, poignant, and bitingly witty. Also fantastic use of the term “jerk.” The comic is followed up by a discussion of ideas, which is well researched and laid out. 
Price: 4.00 USD

 11.  Said the Pot to the Kettle: Feminist Theory for Anarchist Men

Anonymous Last Word Press 2012 PAMPHLET


24 page stapled zine/pamphlet. This is a fantastic comic-zine which goes over a summary of patriarchy, feminism, anarchy, and how they all interact. It?s funny, poignant, and bitingly witty. Also fantastic use of the term ?jerk.? The comic is followed up by a discussion of ideas, which is well researched and laid out. 
Price: 4.00 USD

 12.  SKS AKS AK-47 Owner's Manual

Anonymous B000HGSTHS Zine/Pamphlet

Brand New 

Contents - Index: Pages: 28, B Grade, 28 Acceptable quality figures throughout. A basic disassembly/reassembly guide. 
Price: 4.00 USD

 13.  The Art of ID Forgery and Counterfeiting

Anonymous Editorial Cojones 2008 Trade paperback


Price: 25.00 USD

 14.  The Coming Insurrection

Anonymous Last Word Press 2012 PAPERBACK


New 92 page paperback 2012 edition from Last Word Press, perfect-bound paperback. Our 3rd paperback title to date. Thirty years of "crisis, " mass unemployment, and flagging growth, and they still want us to believe in the economy....We have to see that the economy is itself the crisis. It's not that there's not enough work, it's that there is too much of it. from Coming Insurrection Coming Insurrection is an eloquent call to arms arising from the recent waves of social contestation in France and Europe. Written by the anonymous Invisible Committee in the vein of Guy Debord and with comparable elegance it has been proclaimed a manual for terrorism by the French government (who recently arrested its alleged authors). One of its members more adequately described the group as "the name given to a collective voice bent on denouncing contemporary cynicism and reality. " Coming Insurrection is a strategic prescription for an emergent war-machine to "spread anarchy and live communism. " Written in the wake of the riots that erupted throughout the Paris suburbs in the fall of 2005 and presaging more recent riots and general strikes in France and Greece, Coming Insurrection articulates a rejection of the official Left and its reformist agenda, aligning itself instead with the younger, wilder forms of resistance that have emerged in Europe around recent struggles against immigration control and the "war on terror. " Hot-wired to the movement of '77 in Italy, its preferred historical reference point, Coming Insurrection formulates an ethics that takes as its starting point theft, sabotage, the refusal to work, and the elaboration of collective, self-organized forms-of-life. It is a philosophical statement that addresses the growing number of those in France, in the United States, and elsewhere who refuse the idea that theory, politics, and life are separate realms. Intervention Series 3 (with Violence of Financial Capitalism, A Thousand Machines, and Screwball Asses, and Introduction to Civil War). 
Price: 10.00 USD

 15.  The Theory of Bloom

Anonymous Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

From Wikipedia: Tiqqun is the name of a French philosophical journal, founded in 1999[1] with an aim to recreate the conditions of another community. It was created by various writers, before dissolving in Venice in 2001 following the attacks of September 11, 2001. The journal was the object of some interest in the media after the arrest of Julien Coupat, one of its founders. Tiqqun is also, more generally, the name of the philosophical concept which stems from these texts, and is often used in a broad sense to name the many publications containing the journal's texts, in order to designate, if not a specific author, at least a point of spirit from which these writings come. Tiqqun became better known to an American audience in 2009 and 2010 after Glenn Beck featured commentary on the English edition of The Coming Insurrection (co-authored by several former members of the Tiqqun collective) in his media broadcasts. The name of the journal comes from the great importance that the writers give to the philosophical concept of Tiqqun (the best definitions are found in the texts Theory of Bloom andIntroduction to Civil War). It is the French transcription of the original Hebrew term Tikkun olam, a concept issuing from Judaism, often used in the kabbalistic and messianic traditions, which simultaneously indicates reparation, restitution, and redemption. It has also come to designate, more broadly, a contemporary Jewish conception of social justice. Tiqqun’s poetic style and radical political engagement are akin to the Situationists and the Lettrists. Tiqqun has influenced radical political and philosophical milieus, post-Situationist groups, and other elements of ultra-left, squat and autonomist movements, as well as some anarchists. Tiqqun’s themes and concepts are strongly influenced by the work of the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben, who in turn wrote a public editorial supporting Coupat's due process legal rights. 
Price: 8.00 USD

 16.  Unfinished Acts: January Rebellions, Oakland, California 2009



Price: 7.50 USD



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