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61 A Glassblower's Companion: A Compilation of Studio Equipment Designs, Essays, & Glassblowing Ideas

Dudley F. Giberson Joppa Glassworks Inc 0966571304 / 9780966571301 PAPERBACK


0966571304 ALLOW EXTRA TIME FOR DELIVERY. Brand new. Trade paperback binding. Earthlight Books is a family owned and operated, independent bookstore serving Walla Walla, Washington since 1973. 
Price: 35.00 USD

62 A Guide to Business Credit for Women, Minorities, and Small Businesses


Written by experts in the field, Quick Easy Guides share little-known trade secrets and helpful hints to get you moving in the right direction. Quick Easy Guides gives you books you can judge by the cover. Our books are short, sweet and cheap. You can see for yourself. We specialize in publishing books in the following categories: Business, Marketing, Careers & Work, Consumer Tips, Finance & Real Estate, Computers & Internet, Electronics, Cars & Auto, Hobbies, Food & Drink, Education, Health & Safety, Sports & Fitness, Fashion & Personal Care, Religion & Spirituality, Family & Relationships, Home & Garden, Pets & Animals, Holidays & Festivals, Travel. Quick Easy Guides -- helping people achieve success and happiness. 
Price: 5.00 USD

63 A Guide to Picking Locks

Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

How frustrating would it be if you could magically learn everything a master locksmisth knew about picking locks, but didn't have the actual tools used to pick a lock? Now reverse that problem. Suppose you bought an entire tool case from a master locksmith, but had no idea how to use the myriads of tools inside. The point is that both the book-learning of lock picking techniques and the workshop making of the tools to pick locks are two halves of the same skill. Written by an experienced locksmith, and illustrated with a nice assortment of diagrams, this oversized pamphlet will guide you through the different types of locks one might encounter and the best tools and techniques for picking them. You never know when this kind of practical information might come in handy! 
Price: 8.00 USD

64 A Guide to Picking Locks Number Two

Crimethinc. 1934620912 / 9781934620915 Zine/Pamphlet

Brand New! 

Presenting part two of the CrimethInc Guide to Picking Locks series! This time around all the goods are packaged in a handy pocketsize edition with a snazzy pink cover. Following up the first issue, number two gives the basics on everything from warded locks to key shapes to lock modifications. With this zine no door will hold you! Featuring a beautiful design by Ian Lyman, issue two is a heavy dose of lock-pick know-how written by an experienced locksmith. If you're looking for the next zine in your ongoing quest towards self-sufficient DIY awesomeness, here's your new best buddy 
Price: 3.99 USD

65 A History of Underground Comics

Estren, Mark James Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

Perched halfway between college humor magazines and National Lampoon, underground comics are an overlooked component of the history of humor in this country. At their best, they're also fun as hell to read--protopunk satire, so crazy, crass, and scatological that the stories nearly drip off the page. Mark James Estren's History of Underground Comics is an excellent survey of the art in the days before Crumb was a movie star and well-mannered alternative weeklies brought Matt Groening and Lynda Barry into every suburb. As such, I wouldn't buy it for the kids; after looking at the book, my mother remarked, I don't remember them being so dirty. (Of course they were, but she was dirtier herself back then.) If you're a fan of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Trashman, Bobby London's Duck and Weevil--and you know if you are--buy this book. Even if you're from the Love and Rockets generation, take advantage of this primo guided tour 
Price: 34.95 USD

66 A Kid's Herb Book

Robert D. Reed Publishers Jun-00 Revised edition 


A creative blend of information, projects, activities, preparations, colour-in artwork, stories, songs, lore and interesting herbal tidbits. This book will help parents and their children learn about herbs. 
Price: 19.95 USD

67 A Language Older Than Words

Jensen, Derrick 


Price: 20.00 USD

68 A Man's Guide to Advertising for a Woman: How to find the woman of your dreams using the personals section of newspapers, magazines and the internet

Phillips, Sebastian 1559501464 / 9781559501460 Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

If you are reading this, the thought of finding a companion through the 'Personals' section of the classified ads (in order to make your life more enjoyable, exciting, fulfilling or at the very least, tolerable) has probably crossed your mind more than once. There are more good reasons for a man to place an ad for a partner than there are excuses not to do so. The classified ads are versatile, and the only things that can limit your success are your imagination, time and budget. There are many ways to use the classified ads and, therefore, you should have no trouble reaching your objective of finding exactly the type of woman you desire. I have tried to provide the information needed for any man to formulate easily a game plan based on his needs and desires, then execute it without wasting time and money, by avoiding common mistakes. Life is much too short, and every man deserves to find the ideal woman to share one's life and fantasies. If you purchase this book, you too can find the woman of your dreams by learning: * Which are the worst possible words to use in your ad * Which words practically guarantee positive results * What motivates a woman to answer an ad * Why romances begun through the classifieds tend to last longer * Why the odds are already heavily stacked in your favor * Where, when and how to place your ad * How to find out quickly if she is for real * And much more, including real-life experiences, Internet dating and 75 cheesy pick-up lines that you will never have to use! 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 175 pages 
Price: 14.95 USD

69 A Mix of Bricks & Valentines: Lyrics 1979-2009

Sok, G.W. PM 1604864990 / 9781604864991 Paperback

Brand New! 

G.W. Sok co-founded of the internationally acclaimed independent Dutch music group The Ex in 1979. He became the singer and lyricist, more or less by coincidence, since he wrote the occasional poem and nobody else wanted to sing. At the same time he turned himself into a graphic designer of record sleeves, posters, and books. Together with The Ex he was awarded the Dutch Pop Prize of 1991. The band is well known for its energetic live performances, their inventive music, and for their politically outspoken and thought-provoking lyrics. After 1,400 concerts in Holland and abroad, and 25 record albums later, G.W. Sok decided to leave the group at the end of 2008. A Mix of Bricks & Valentines showcases the lyrics G.W. Sok wrote during his three decade period of Ex-istance. More than 250 songs of agitprop lyrics, poetry, and rantings are included along with an introduction by the author discussing his development as a writer. A foreword by English journalist, author, and musician John Robb (the Membranes, Punk: An Oral History and Death to Trad Rock) puts the work of G.W. Sok into perspective. A Mix of Bricks & Valentines is written with a sharp pen; provocative, creative, and witty, everything punk and art intended to be from the start. And yes, it can be quite loud at times, too. 
Price: 20.00 USD

70 A Modern Shaman's Guide to a Pregnant Universe

Hyatt, Christopher S, Ph.D., and Alli, Antero Original Falcon Publications 2006 9.78E+12 Illustrated. Trade paperback


Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 162 p. Contains: Illustrations. Audience: General/trade. 
Price: 14.95 USD

71 A Moment of Doubt

Nisbet, Jim Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

A Moment of Doubt is at turns hilarious, thrilling and obscene. Jim Nisbet’s novella is ripped from the zeitgeist of the 80s, and set in a sex-drenched San Francisco, where the computer becomes the protagonist’s co-conspirator and both writer and machine seem to threaten the written word itself. The City as whore provides a backdrop oozing with drugs, poets and danger. Nisbet has written a mad-cap meditation on the angst of a writer caught in a world where the rent is due, new technology offers up illicit ways to produce the latest bestseller, and the detective and other characters of the imagination might just sidle up to the bar and buy you a drink in real life. The world of A Moment of Doubt is the world of phone sex, bars and bordellos, AIDS and the lure of hacking. Coming up against the rules of the game--the detective genre itself, has never been such a nasty and gender defying challenge. Plus: An interview with Jim Nisbet, who is “Still too little read in the United States, it's a joy for us that Nisbet has been recognized here... Regards: Le Mouvement des Idées 
Price: 13.95 USD

72 A New Notion: Every Cook Can Govern & The Invading Socialist Society

James, C.L.R. Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

C.L.R. James was a leading figure in the independence movement in the West Indies, and the black and working-class movements in both Britain and the United States. As a major contributor to Marxist and revolutionary theory, his project was to discover, document, and elaborate the aspects of working-class activity that constitute the revolution in today's world. In this volume, Noel Ignatiev, author of How the Irish Became White, provides an extensive introduction to James’ life and thought, before presenting two critical works that together illustrate the tremendous breadth and depth of James’ worldview. The Invading Socialist Society, for James the fundamental document of his political tendency, shows clearly the power of James’ political acumen and its relevance in today’s world with a clarity of analysis that anticipated future events to a remarkable extent. Every Cook Can Govern, is a short and eminently readable piece counterpoising direct with representative democracy, and getting to the heart of how we should relate to one another. Together these two works represent the principal themes that run through James’s life: implacable hostility toward all “condescending saviors” of the working class, and undying faith in the power of ordinary people to build a new world. 
Price: 16.95 USD

73 A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction

Alexander, Christopher 0195019199 / 9780195019193 Hardcover

Brand New! 

The second of three books published by the Center for Environmental Structure to provide a working alternative to our present ideas about architecture, building, and planning, A Pattern Language offers a practical language for building and planning based on natural considerations. The reader is given an overview of some 250 patterns that are the units of this language, each consisting of a design problem, discussion, illustration, and solution. By understanding recurrent design problems in our environment, readers can identify extant patterns in their own design projects and use these patterns to create a language of their own. Extraordinarily thorough, coherent, and accessible, this book has become a bible for homebuilders, contractors, and developers who care about creating healthy, high-level design. 
Price: 65.00 USD

74 A People's History of Sports in the United States

Zirin, Dave Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

In this long-awaited book from the rising superstar of sportswriting, Dave Zirin offers a riotously entertaining chronicle of larger-than-life sporting characters and dramatic contests and what amounts to an alternative history of the United States as seen through the games its people played. Through Zirin's eyes, sports are never mere games, but a reflection of—and spur toward—the political conflicts that shape American society. Half a century before Jackie Robinson was born, the black ballplayer Moses Fleetwood Walker brandished a revolver to keep racist fans at bay, then took his regular place in the lineup. In the midst of the Depression, when almost no black athletes were allowed on the U.S. Olympic team, athletes held a Counter Olympics where a third of the participants were African American. A People's History of Sports in the United States is replete with surprises for seasoned sports fans, while anyone interested in history will be amazed by the connections Zirin draws between politics and pop flies. As Jeff Chang, author of Can't Stop Won't Stop, puts it: After you read him, you'll never see sports the same way again. This sprawling, insightful, and contrarian book is worth reading for its portrayal of the rebel athletes to whom it is dedicated, and to whom we are all indebted. —Time Dave Zirin is also the author of What's My Name Fool! and Welcome to the Terrordome. 
Price: 18.95 USD

75 A Place Where Sunflowers Grow

Lee-Tai, Amy 


Price: 16.95 USD

76 A Poetics of Resistance: The Revolutionary Public Relations of the Zapatista Insurgency

Conant, Jeff Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

Conant has an ear for story, poetry, and wonder; his new telling of the Zapatista struggle is full of delights. 
Price: 20.00 USD

77 A Quick & Dirty Guide to War: The Tools for Understanding the Global War on Terror, Cyber War, Iraq, the Persian Gulf, China, Afghanistan, the Balkans, East Africa, Colombia, Mexico, and Other Hot Spots

Dunnigan, James F. & Bay, Austin Trade Paperback

Brand New 

Price: 49.95 USD

78 A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance


Brand New 

Shelley created this as a little take home instruction guide for her bike repair workshop at the Portland Zine Symposium. It goes over the basics of fixing a flat tire, working with wheels, the parts of a bike, bearings, doing a tune-up, tools, and dealing with bike shops as a woman but most of all what shines through is Shelley's character and personality in the way that she describes things and her utter passion for cycling. Well worth any price for the information alone. * Now includes additional pages of material about working on brakes!! 
Price: 2.00 USD

79 A Scanner Darkly

Dick, Philip K. 


Price: 12.95 USD

80 A Spoon for Every Bite

Hayes, Joe 


Price: 8.95 USD

81 A Steampunk's Guide to the Apocalypse

Killjoy, Margaret 9781940000000 Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

A courageous future lies ahead of us. We wave goodbye, on no uncertain terms, to the invisible workings of the cyberian world. Our future lies in an honest technology, a technology that is within our reach, a technology that will not abandon us, a technology that requires not the dark oils of subterranean caverns. Consider this book to be your boon companion during the trying times that lie ahead. No single tome—no matter how voluminous—could be complete, of course, but this little handbook should aid in keeping you fed, watered, clothed, and protected from the myriad hazards of weather, human, and beast. 
Price: 10.00 USD

82 A Sustainable Economy for the 21st Century

Schor, Juliet B Open Media 1998 9.78E+12 Trade paperback


In this groundbreaking pamphlet, Juliet Schor, author of The Overworked American, examines how Americans can begin making the shift away from a resource-destructive society to one that values the environment, community, and quality of life above business and profit. She a traces back how after W.W. II, Americans had hoped that technology and social investment would yield shorter work weeks, more pay, and complete healthcare. Instead, we work more, get paid less, and maintain an indecent adult minimum wage. Where did we go wrong? Schor's pamphlet charts an economic vision based that aims to reduce work hours, increase leisure, create new work schedules that are not operating on a male model of employment, create green quotas and industry-wide environmental standards, alternative housing and transportation, raise minimum wage, restructure labor relations, change corporate culture, and promote social accountability. The pamphlet sets the guideposts, writes Noam Chomsky, for constructive thinking and action to save our country from becoming a plaything for investors and transnational corporations, and to place its fate in the hands of its citizens. 
Price: 5.95 USD

83 A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments

Albarelli Jr., H.P. 193629608x / 9781936296088 Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

Following nearly a decade of research, this account solves the mysterious death of biochemist Frank Olson, revealing the identities of his murderers in shocking detail. It offers a unique and unprecedented look into the backgrounds of many former CIA, FBI, and Federal Narcotics Bureau officials—including several who actually oversaw the CIA’s mind-control programs from the 1950s to the 1970s. In retracing these programs, a frequently bizarre and always frightening world is introduced, colored and dominated by many factors—Cold War fears, the secret relationship between the nation’s drug enforcement agencies and the CIA, and the government’s close collaboration with the Mafia. 
Price: 29.95 USD

84 A Thousand and One Formulas

Gernsback, Sidney 1559180811 / 9781559180818 Paperback

Brand New! 

Back in 1920 people were hot to set up their own laboratories and invent something and become rich. Experimenter Publishing Company published books and magazines to whet their appetite. They reprinted the best information from the magazines in this book. Here you get formulas on cements and glues, compositions of all kinds, glass and glass working, inks, leather polishes, metal-craft, perfumes, soaps, photography, blue-print and other papers, plating, pyrotechny, polishes and stains, varnishes and paints, cleaning compounds, wood-craft, chemical lab hints, mechanical lab hints, electrical lab hints, miscellaneous formulas and an appendix. Not everything here is useful in my opinion, and some of it is downright dangerous. Some of this looks like it came out of the Boy Mechanic books. Learn how to convert coin silver into pure silver, formulas for solders, lithographic ink, how to make a gasoline torch, recipes for killing flies, proper use of sulphuric acid, hand grenades ???, flashlight powder like the old photographers once used, how to make gas (you need a book for this??), homemade carbon crucible, methods to copper-plate carbon motor brushes, and on and on. A lot of this is quaint, and not directly useful. It's for kitchen chemists. But a few of the formulas and ideas are worth the entire price of the book. If you're trying to build a master reference library of unusual secret formulas, this book is certainly worth considering. Check it out. It's been five or six years since I last offered this, I believe. I wouldn't have reprinted it if I didn't think it had merit. Fun reading if nothing else. Get a copy! 51/2 x 81/2 paperback 160 pages. 
Price: 9.95 USD

85 A Tiny Home To Call Your Own: Living Well in Just Right Houses

Foreman, Patricia & Lee, Andy Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

You can live in an attractive, aesthetically appealing, upscale house AND you can do it so that it is quality built, architecturally beautiful, highly marketable and profitable. Small is beautiful and functional in housing. Smaller scale homes can be more livable, cozy, homey, enjoyable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. Tiny houses (300 sq.ft. to around 1,000 sq.ft.) can be more affordable and socially responsible than the current trend of McMansionization that is chewing up America. Some of them can be built on existing lots without requiring new land purchase. Impress neighbors with style and freedom rather than with large scale, impersonally built square footage. 
Price: 19.95 USD

86 A Visit to the Ranch & Other Poems

klipschutz Last Word Press 1944234012 / 9781944234010 PAPERBACK


1944234012 These breezy, seemingly off-the-cuff poems gleam with a subversive intelligence. Sometimes baffling, puzzling, often quite funny, they are always lively and interesting-clusters of living language deftly captured on the page, objects created by ?mouthing / fricatives & phonemes? while ?eyeing dogwood blossoms? and ?footing it beneath / an unimpeachably blue sky.? Brand New; printed & published by Last Word Press in Olympia, WA; satisfaction guaranteed. Support Last Word Books & Press and other independent booksellers. For more information about a specific title please feel free to contact us with your questions. 
Price: 14.95 USD

87 A Warning to Students of All Ages

Vaneigem, Raoul 


Price: 10.00 USD

88 A Young People's History of the United States

Zinn, Howard Paperback

Brand New 

Now in paperback, this is the new, illustrated, and updated single volume young adult edition of Howard Zinn's classic telling of American history. A Young People's History of the United States brings to US history the viewpoints of workers, slaves, immigrants, women, Native Americans, and others whose stories, and their impact, are rarely included in books for young people. A Young People's History of the United States is also a companion volume to The People Speak, Zinn's forthcoming televised series, adapted from A People’s History of the United States and Voices of a People’s History of the United States. Beginning with a look at Christopher Columbus’s arrival through the eyes of the Arawak Indians, then leading the reader through the struggles for workers’ rights, women’s rights, and civil rights during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and ending with the current protests against continued American imperialism, Zinn presents a radical new way of understanding America’s history. In so doing, he reminds readers that America’s true greatness is shaped by our dissident voices, not our military generals. 
Price: 19.95 USD

89 A Zine About Women’s Self Defense


Price: 3.00 USD

90 Abe in Arms

Shea, Pegi Deitz Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

A senior in high school, Abe's got a Division I track scholarship awaiting him, a hot girlfriend, and a loving and wealthy adoptive family, including a brother his age. But suddenly, horrific flashbacks and seizures rip him back five years ago to war-torn Africa, where he lost his mother, his sister, his friends, and almost his own life to torturous violence. In therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Abe uncovers even darker moments that make him question why he's still alive. This contemporary young adult novel portrays the pressures of teens to live a normal life, let alone succeed at high levels; while facing mental illness and--in Abe's case--a past that no one could possibly understand…or survive. Pegi Deitz Shea has written a suspenseful, action-filled book that will open teens' eyes and hearts to the lives of young people exposed to violence around the world. Praise: Pegi Shea’s book, Abe in Arms, although fictional in nature, could have been true for any number of young boys in West Africa whose lives were devastated by conscription into the rebel army through force, threats, manipulation, bribery, and drugs. As a counselor and member of a trauma team who went to Liberia to teach counseling skills to civic and religious leaders following their civil war, I found it very heart breaking to witness the long term effects of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome upon the young boys, often no more than 11-14 years of age. Although there is a nation-wide effort in Liberia to rehabilitate these young boys, many require extensive mental health treatment and the prognoses are often disappointing. In her book, Pegi Shea engrosses us in the horrors of war, pulls at our heartstrings as we weep for Abe, and causes us to yearn for a time when he can confront the demons that control his life. At the same time, she explores the wrenching irony of war refugees being thrust into an American youth culture that glamorizes the very violence that has caused Abe so much anguish. Shea’s resolution, like Abe’s epiphany, is surprising, believable, and gratifying --Eleanor Porter Pershing, PhD., West Africa Trauma Team. About the Author: Pegi Deitz Shea is best known for exploring human rights issues in children's books. Pegi has brought the worlds of refugees, immigrants, child laborers, and historical figures into the minds of readers of all ages. Her books include The Whispering Cloth, Tangled Threads, Ten Mice for Tet, The Carpet Boy's Gift and Patience Wright. Her books have been made Notables by organizations including the International Reading Association, National Council of Teachers of English, National Council for the Social Studies, Bank Street College, Junior Library Guild and the New York Public Library. She has been teaching writing for the Institute of Children's Literature since 1996, and teaching children's literature at the University of Connecticut since 2007. Pegi has presented at more than 350 schools, libraries and conferences across the nation. Raised in New Jersey, Pegi lives in Connecticut with her family when she's not traipsing around the world. 
Price: 15.00 USD

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