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181 Anarchist Farm

Doe, Jane 1886625018 / 9781886625013 Paperback

Brand New! 

Next time you're dusting off the bookshelf or cleaning out your backpack, be sure to make room next to your tattered ol' copy of Orwell's Animal Farm for its modern day sister sequel: Anarchist Farm by Jane Doe. You see, while the rest of us have been ballyhooing in our beers about diversity, or lack thereof, within the movement, Jane Doe has been busy taking the offensive. She pulled a character or two from each of a dozen or so cauldrons and threw them together into one fabulously woven tale. Anarchist Farm illustrates diversity in action. It's a raucous tale of revolution and liberation, replete with caricatures of Earth First! Food Not Bombs, hippies, crispies and even a lesbian pig. The book does not strive for complex philosophical debate. Instead, Anarchist Farm is endearingly simplistic and surprisingly inspiring. What could be more charming than a bunch of wild animals monkeywrenching logging equipment, domestic critters overthrowing their farm, and an eventual coalition between the two to subvert the corporate beast? It's goofy, it's funny and it's damn smart. Much of the symbolism is true and timely and a little too obvious for us to ignore. The obstacle that looms between the animals and the Great Stampede is humbly summed up in the immortal words of Hans, the gun-totin' German shepherd: The corporation wants us to hate each other and fight each other. That keeps us too busy to fight them. Amid the silliness, Jane Doe never undermines the very serious and difficult choices we -- as a real life movement of people -- must make when reconciling our principles with out goals. Because of this, Anarchist Farm does a great service to those of us grasping for a contemporary context for non-violence. Okay, it, might not be destined to be a classic, but it is good and it beats the hell out of reading another scholastic observation of the proverbial us from someone safely on the outside. This is an insider's witty perspective. Anarchist Farm is a worthy tribute to the chaos and charisma of our movement. It encourages us, if, not to recognize our revolutionary potential, to laugh at ourselves along the way. 
Price: 14.95 USD

182 Anarchist Handbook 1

Wells, Robert 


Price: 14.95 USD

183 Anarchist Handbook 2

Wells, Robert 


Price: 14.95 USD

184 Anarchist Handbook 3

Wells, Robert 


Price: 14.95 USD

185 Anarchist Individualism and Amorous Camaraderie


Price: 10.00 USD

186 Anarchist Organisation


Price: 2.50 USD

187 Anarchist Organisation: Suggestions and Possibilities

Purchase, Graham B0034ERP6Q Zine/Pamphlet

Brand New! 

An interesting discussion on the forms a future society might take. 
Price: 3.00 USD

188 Anarchist Pedagogies: Collective Actions, Theories, and Critical Reflections on Education

Haworth, Robert H. 9781600000000 Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

Education is a challenging subject for anarchists. Many are critical about working within a state-run education system that is embedded in hierarchical, standardized, and authoritarian structures. Numerous individuals and collectives envision the creation of counterpublics or alternative educational sites as possible forms of resistance, while other anarchists see themselves as “saboteurs” within the public arena—believing that there is a need to contest dominant forms of power and educational practices from multiple fronts. Of course, if anarchists agree that there are no blueprints for education, the question remains, in what dynamic and creative ways can we construct nonhierarchical, anti-authoritarian, mutual, and voluntary educational spaces? Contributors to this edited volume engage readers in important and challenging issues in the area of anarchism and education. From Francisco Ferrer’s modern schools in Spain and the Work People’s College in the United States, to contemporary actions in developing “free skools” in the U.K. and Canada, to direct-action education such as learning to work as a “street medic” in the protests against neoliberalism, the contributors illustrate the importance of developing complex connections between educational theories and collective actions. Anarchists, activists, and critical educators should take these educational experiences seriously as they offer invaluable examples for potential teaching and learning environments outside of authoritarian and capitalist structures. Major themes in the volume include: learning from historical anarchist experiments in education, ways that contemporary anarchists create dynamic and situated learning spaces, and finally, critically reflecting on theoretical frameworks and educational practices. Contributors include: David Gabbard, Jeffery Shantz, Isabelle Fremeaux & John Jordan, Abraham P. DeLeon, Elsa Noterman, Andre Pusey, Matthew Weinstein, Alex Khasnabish, and many others. 
Price: 24.95 USD

189 Anarchist Seeds Beneath the Snow: Left-Libertarian Thought and British Writers from William Morris to Colin Ward

Goodway, David 1604862211 / 9781604862218 Paperback

Brand New! 

From William Morris to Oscar Wilde to George Orwell, left-libertarian thought has long been an important but neglected part of British cultural and political history. In Anarchist Seeds beneath the Snow, David Goodway seeks to recover and revitalize that indigenous anarchist tradition. This book succeeds as simultaneously a cultural history of left-libertarian thought in Britain and a demonstration of the applicability of that history to current politics. Goodway argues that a recovered anarchist tradition could—and should—be a touchstone for contemporary political radicals. Moving seamlessly from Aldous Huxley and Colin Ward to the war in Iraq, this challenging volume will energize leftist movements throughout the world. Praise: Anarchist Seeds beneath the Snow is an impressive achievement for its rigorous scholarship across a wide range of sources, for collating this diverse material in a cogent and systematic narrative-cum-argument, and for elucidating it with clarity and flair… It is a book that needed to be written and now deserves to be read.  —Journal of William Morris Studies. Goodway outlines with admirable clarity the many variations in anarchist thought. By extending outwards to left-libertarians he takes on even greater diversity.  —Sheila Rowbotham, Red Pepper. A splendid survey of 'left-libertarian thought' in this country, it has given me hours of delight and interest. Though it is very learned, it isn’t dry. Goodway’s friends in the awkward squad (especially William Blake) are both stimulating and comforting companions in today’s political climate.  —A.N. Wilson, Daily Telegraph. “The history of the British anarchist movement has been little studied or appreciated outside of the movement itself. Anarchist Seeds beneath the Snow, should go a long way towards rectifying this blind spot in established labour and political history. His broad ranging erudition combined with a penetrating understanding of the subject matter has produced a fascinating, highly readable history.”  —Joey Cain 
Price: 24.95 USD

190 Anarchist Survival Guide for Understanding Gestapo Swine Interrogation Mind Games: Staying Free by Shutting the Fuck Up!

by Anarchist Author, Poet, Jailhouse Lawyer & Prisoner Harold H. Thompson Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network 2000 


16 p. stapled zine/pamphlet 
Price: 3.00 USD

191 Anarchist Teapot Mobile Kitchen’s Guide to Feeding the Masses


Price: 3.00 USD

192 Anarchist Tension

Alfredo M. Bonanno Last Word Press 2014 PAMPHLET


Anarchist Tension, The, by Alfredo M. Bonanno; 36 page staple-bound pamphlet. Anarchism is not a concept that can be locked up in a word like a gravestone. It is not a political theory. It is a way of conceiving life. And life, young or old as we may be, is not something definitive. it is a stake we must play day after day. When we wake up in the morning and put our feet on the ground we must have a good reason for getting up. If we don't it makes no difference whether we are anarchists or not. We might as well stay in bed and sleep. 
Price: 4.00 USD

193 Anarchist Voices: An Oral History of Anarchism in America

Avrich, Paul Trade Paperback

Brand New 

Price: 28.00 USD

194 Anarchists on Anarchism

Biel, Joe (Editor) Paperback

Brand New! 

Here, in their own words, are the quotes of many historic figures in the global anarchist movement. Anarchism, a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and even harmful, promotes a classless, stateless society that is self-governed. Anarchists seek to diminish and eliminate reliance on authority in their quest for justice. These quotes while inspirational are often as divided as they are uniform, for what is political ideology if written in stone? 
Price: 3.00 USD

195 Anarchy 101

Ed. by Dot Matrix B00993K3P6 Trade Paperback

Brand new! 

Published by Ardent Press. Introductions to anarchist ideas, up till now, have suffered from being one-dimensional, too lengthy, or too sectarian. The history, practice, and philosophy of anarchy has suffered for this lack. We haven't encouraged new generations to approach our ideas other than on mostly sectarian terms. Anarchy 101 is an edited crowd-sourced introduction to anarchist ideas. The content comes from the website http://anarchy101.org and represents the best responses from dozens of contributors to hundreds of questions about the Beautiful Idea: this thing called anarchy. 
Price: 9.00 USD

196 Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs

Curious George Brigade 9781940000000 Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs lays out a new understanding of political anarchy, one that aims to replace the mass movement with a scrappy multitude of mutineers, mad scientists, sprawling shanties, and thieves in the night. The first edition went out of print in 2009 when the US government stole every remaining copy and all the digital backups with a sealed warrant. Authorship of the book was used in the government's statements to the media as to why the mysterious raid was performed. But look, now it's back! The Curious George Brigade says, By dinosaurs, we mean Capitalism, The State, Hierarchy, and the countless other guises worn by Authority. What shall come after the dinosaurs! Championing decentralization, chaos, mutual aid and butterfly-wings among other things, this book brings to life the tactics and strategies for an effective resistance against the dinosaurs today. They describe their nonsectarian, flexible, and inclusive DIY communitarian approach as folk anarchy... a name, however arbitrary, for an infinite multitude of actions taken to erode the constraints of authority. They believe that there is no secret for revolution, no grand dialectic, no master theory. Revolutions are as perpetual as the changing of the seasons. 
Price: 10.00 USD

197 Anarchy Reading Button Pin Literacy Anarchism Politics

Most buttons are one inch in diameter and weigh .10 ounces each. Buttons are round, not square like most of the pictures make them look, and the little numbers next to the image do not appear on the finished product. A few of the more expensive buttons you can assume are 2 inches in diameter. Sometimes the buttons do not look exactly like the pictures, or the background color may be slightly different, or the image reversed, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 
Price: 1.00 USD

198 Ancient Way to Keep Fit: Stretching Illustrated

Wu, Zong (Compiled by), and Mao, Li (Compiled by), and Frantzis, Kumar (Foreword by) Shelter Publications 2000 936070145 Illustrated. Trade paperback

New Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 224 p. Contai 

The present is born out of the past. Chi Gung is an ancient Chinese system which emphasizes improving the flow of the life force, chi, by opening the body s energy centers and channels. It is called the internal martial arts, and is the original basis for Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and the more well-known martial arts. The practice represented here is over 3000 years old and yet it is practiced in modern times. There are 30 sets of physical exercises with a total of 318 drawings. These drawings are watercolors based on silk scrolls and cave paintings and enhance the classic nature of the presentation. This is a serious system that practitioners consider to be more basic to health and fitness than cardiovascular exercise. Exercises involve simple movement with many repetitions to achieve results. The modern use of these ancient exercises is based on selection of sets of each, consistent with the level of fitness and integrated with whatever sports or other exercise is involved. 
Price: 18.95 USD

199 And From Their Hearts Grow Gardens: Briefly Imagined Gardens of People Who've Shaped Our World

Wright, Rustin (ed.) Zine/Pamphlet

Brand New! 

What if gardens were created from the voices and minds of those who shaped our world? Some years back a vibrant all night discussion took that question on. From philosophers to poets to politicians. Here you can see what we concluded. 
Price: 6.00 USD

200 Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection

Alli, Antero Original Falcon Press 2008 9.78E+12 9th printing Trade paperback

New 242 pages 

Angel Tech is a comprehensive compendium of insights and techniques for the direct application of Dr. Timothy Leary's Eight-Circuit Brain model for Intelligence Increase. What Dr. Leary posited as theory (Exo-Psychology) and Dr. Robert Anton Wilson brilliantly demonstrated in sociopolitical, mathematical and intellectual proofs (Prometheus Rising), Antero Alli has extended into tangible tasks, exercises, rituals and meditations towards an embodied realization of brain change through first hand experience. Angel Tech challenges the reader to redefine Intelligence according to hir own direct experiences and finally, dares us to live accordingly. In print for over twenty years, this classic performance book has been republished with the author's 2008 Update on his most recent research results. 
Price: 16.95 USD

201 Angel W/ Cut Wings Patch

Patches are screen-printed on canvas, may vary in color (feel free to request certain colors), and range in size. 
Price: 1.50 USD

202 Angel with Cut Wings Sticker Radical Activist

Stickers are mostly screenprints on vinyl, ranging in size from 2 x2 inches to 4.5 x 4 inches. Some of the long, thin ones are either 1 x 9 or 2 x 9 inches. A few are slightly different sizes and materials. All are made by rebellious, interesting organizations and good peeps. 
Price: 1.50 USD

203 Animal Liberation Front: Complete U.S. Diary of Actions: The First 30 Years

Young, Peter Daniel 0984284400 / 9780984284405 Trade Paperback

Brand New! 

The first assembled timeline of the Animal Liberation Front's 30 year history - from broken windows to lab raids. The Animal Liberation Front is a clandestine movement of activists who step in to illegally rescue animals in the dead of night when legal campaigns have failed. Organized by year, Animal Liberation Front: Complete Diary of Actions, The First 30 Years chronicles every reported U.S. A.L.F. action since 1979 (and a single liberation from 1977). This is a complete document of every known extra-legal action carried out since the dawn of the U.S. animal liberation movement. The book covers not only the actions of the A.L.F., but all groups working outside the law to save animals ranging from The Justice Department to the Paint Panthers. The book includes: *Complete list of reported actions, broken down by year. *Unclaimed actions reported in the media. *The first comprehensive look at the history of the underground animal liberation movement in the United States. A.L.F. Diary of Actions: The First 30 Years is the first of its kind, and a must-own for any serious animal rights movement historian. 
Price: 12.95 USD

204 Animal Tracks of Washington and Oregon

Sheldon, Ian Lone Pine Publishing 1997 9.78E+12 Illustrated. Trade paperback

New Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 160 p. Contai Ross, Gary, M.D. 

Brand New! Support Independent Pacific Northwest Booksellers! Concise descriptions of the animals and their tracks are combined with detailed drawings of the front and back prints, stride patterns and other important identifying aspects. Each animal is captured in accurate black-and-white illustrations, including pattern and print comparisons. A perfect guide for teachers, parents, hikers and urban adventurers. 
Price: 8.95 USD

205 Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Kingsolver, Barbara 


Price: 14.95 USD

206 Animals & Psychedelics

Samorini, Giorgio Paperback

Brand New 

Price: 12.95 USD

207 Another Dinner Is Possible


Price: 25.00 USD

208 Another Roadside Attraction

Robbins, Tom Trade Paperback

Brand New 

Price: 14.00 USD

209 Anti-Civ Dictums

Clark, Sid Zine/Pamphlet

Brand New 

This is a fire-breathing, crazy-old-man, radical pamphlet, as Sid wrote in his note to me. Well, if that's the case then the world needs more fire-breathing, crazy old men because this was one of the more enjoyable zines I've had the pleasure of reading lately. As the title suggests, this zine is targeted at cities and their malevolent effects, City living is forced and unnatural. It exacts a heavy mental and physical toll. Formal education is also attacked: Education is primarily a form of social control; the more educated you are, the more controlled your are. Sid's thoughts/advice/rants also cover Friends and Family, Children, Adulthood, Science and Technology, Leftists, Strength & Healing, and a chapter titled 'Paths of Glory' explores alternatives to The System's monopoly on life paths. Some popular life-path alternatives are examined: Hippies, Punks, Jocks, Nerds, and Rednecks. There's a section of Homilies, here's a handful of these - 'The more you love the system, the sicker you are'; 'To live fully you must be active, physical, down-and-dirty'; 'Only comic fanboys believe in violent rebellion'; 'All systems are sick. A misfit is the only way to be.' Sid wraps it up with a 'Further Reading' list, split into Non-Fiction, First Person Narratives, Novels, Essays/Pamphlets, and Zines. It sure was a surprise to see Samuel Delany's Hogg included here (one of the most perverse novels ever written, even compared to such works as J.G. Ballard's Crash.) I'm going to make sure to track down the publications on this reading list. Also mustn't forget to mention the terrific cover by Dr. Al Ackerman, The Blaster. I can't recommend Anti-Civ Dictums highly enough to freethinking readers, those who value the 'eccentric crazies' dismissed by the sheeple of the world. 
Price: 2.00 USD

210 Anti-Fascist Forum #2: The State of Anti-Fascism in North America


Brand New! 

Published between 1996 and 1999, Anti-Fascist Forum was a Canadian magazine providing important analysis and research on the far-right from a revolutionary anti-capitalist perspective. This issue includes five articles: Paramilitary Violence & the State, by Tom Burghardt; Fascism in Canada: the Early Years, by Dr. Terman; The Past is Our Master? A Brief History of the Far-Right in Quebec, by Eric Cartman; The Catholic Far-Right, by Eric Cartman; The International Militant Anti-Fascist Network. 
Price: 5.00 USD

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