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Prisons & Crime

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1 Abolition Now! : Ten Years of Strategy and Struggle Against the Prison Industrial Complex

The Crio Publications Collective (Editor), and The Cr10 Publications Collective (Editor) AK Press 2008 9.78E+12 Trade paperback


Today, over seven million people live under the control of U.S. jail, prison, probation, or parole systems—the vast majority of them people of color and young people. Between 2000 and 2007, Congress added 454 new offences to the Federal criminal code. Policing at all levels is increasingly militarized and demands more and more resources. The crisis shows no signs of slowing. For a decade, Critical Resistance has organized to abolish the reliance on imprisonment, policing, and surveillance, seeing the prison industrial complex not as a broken system to be fixed but a well-oiled machine that must be eliminated entirely. Published in honor of Critical Resistance's tenth anniversary, Abolition Now! reflects the themes Dismantle, Change, and Build. It presents bold strategies to create a stronger movement of people committed to PIC abolition and build healthy communities free from surveillance, policing, and imprisonment. Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 176 p. Audience: General/trade. 
Price: 15.95 USD

2 All Things Censored (Includes Compact Disc with Banned Radio Commentaries)

Abu-Jamal, Mumia Hardcover

Brand New 

More than 75 essays—many freshly composed by Mumia with the cartridge of a ball-point pen, the only implement he is allowed in his death-row cell—embody the calm and powerful words of humanity spoken by a man on Death Row. Abu-Jamal writes on many different topics, including the ironies that abound within the U.S. prison system and the consequences of those ironies, and his own case. Mumia's composure, humor, and connection to the living world around him represents an irrefutable victory over the corrections system that has for two decades sought to isolate and silence him. The title, All Things Censored, refers to Mumia's hiring as an on-air columnist by National Public Radio's All Things Considered, and subsequent banning from that venue under pressure from law and order groups. The CD, a compilation of Mumia's best recorded readings to date-including previously unreleased recordings-also includes comments from other writers, luminaries, and activists, including Alice Walker, Cornel West, Assata Shakur, Martin Sheen, John Edgar Wideman, and others. Mumia Abu-Jamal is an award-winning journalist and author of two best-selling books, Live From Death Row and Death Blossoms, which address prison life from a critical and spiritual perspective. In 1981 he was elected president of the Association of Black Journalists (Philadelphia chapter). His 1982 murder trial and subsequent conviction has raised considerable controversy and criticism for alleged constitutional violations and other improprieties. In spite of his almost two-decade long imprisonment on Death Row, Abu-Jamal has fought for his freedom and for his profession. He holds a BA from Goddard College and an MA from California State University, Dominguez Hills. His books have sold more than 100,000 copies and have been translated into seven languages. 
Price: 29.95 USD

3 America's Disappeared: Secret Imprisonment, Detainees, and the War on Terror

Meeropol, Rachel (ed.) Paperback

Brand New 

America’s Disappeared: Secret Imprisonment, Detainees and the War on Terror features first person accounts by individuals who have experienced the horrors of executive detention, including former Guantánamo detainees Shafiq Rasul and Asif Iqbal; Maher Arar, the Canadian citizen the United States sent to Syria to be interrogated and tortured for nearly a year; and many other non-citizens who were wrongly swept up in the post-9/11 terrorism investigations. These narratives appear alongside political and legal analysis of the Bush Administration’s controversial post-9/11 detention practices. The confirmation proceedings for Alberto R. Gonzales and Condoleeza Rice, like the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, have triggered a national debate about the U.S. government’s controversial treatment of detainees and its practice of torture. At the heart of the debate is the question, Is the United States undermining democracy, freedom, and human rights in it’s effort to protect its citizens from terrorism? The authors of AMERICA'S DISAPPEARED answer, Yes. AMERICA'S DISAPPEARED describes how the U.S. government, in response to the events of 9/11, launched an unprecedented campaign of racial profiling, detentions, and deportations so grievous as to evoke the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Thousands have been imprisoned without trial or any kind of judicial hearing. Thousands remain indefinitely detained without charge being brought against them. Some are tortured; others are shipped off to other countries to be tortured. AMERICA'S DISAPPEARED brings together, for the first time, detainees’ own testimonies along with analysis by the leading constitutional attorneys and human rights advocates. In addition to a detailed exploration of detention—the forms currently in use, and the conditions of each—the book challenges the Bush administration’s justifications for violating the Geneva Conventions and the most basic definitions of human rights. The book features first-person accounts of the horrors of indefinite detention by individuals who have experienced it, including former Guantánamo detainees Shafiq Rasul and Asif Iqbal; Maher Arar, the Canadian citizen sent to Syria by the United States to Syria, where he was interrogated and tortured for months; and many other non-citizens who were wrongly swept up in post-9/11 investigations. 
Price: 12.95 USD

4 Are Prisons Obsolete?

Davis, Angela Y. Paperback

Brand New 

With her characteristic brilliance, grace and radical audacity, Angela Y. Davis has put the case for the latest abolition movement in American life: the abolition of the prison. As she quite correctly notes, American life is replete with abolition movements, and when they were engaged in these struggles, their chances of success seemed almost unthinkable. For generations of Americans, the abolition of slavery was sheerest illusion. Similarly,the entrenched system of racial segregation seemed to last forever, and generations lived in the midst of the practice, with few predicting its passage from custom. The brutal, exploitative (dare one say lucrative?) convict-lease system that succeeded formal slavery reaped millions to southern jurisdictions (and untold miseries for tens of thousands of men, and women). Few predicted its passing from the American penal landscape. Davis expertly argues how social movements transformed these social, political and cultural institutions, and made such practices untenable. In Are Prisons Obsolete?, Professor Davis seeks to illustrate that the time for the prison is approaching an end. She argues forthrightly for decarceration, and argues for the transformation of the society as a whole. 
Price: 11.95 USD

5 Bad Girls Do It! : An Encyclopedia of Female Murderers

Newton, Michael Loompanics Unlimited 1993 9.78E+12 Trade paperback


Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 195 p. Audience: General/trade. 
Price: 13.50 USD

6 Can't Hear Me Scream: A Prison Activism Zine

New Zealand Rebel Press 


16 p. stapled pamphlet 
Price: 5.00 USD

7 Conscience and Consequence: A Prison Memoir

Hanrahan, Clare Asheville, NC Celtic WordCraft 2005 975884611 Trade paperback


225 p. 
Price: 17.95 USD

8 Cop Killers



Michael Newton, master of the crime encyclopedia, has compiled more than 100 cases in which legendary gangs, religious mercenaries, and reckless outlaws have taken out law enforcers. The author of Bad Girls Do It!; Hunting Humans; Killer Cops; Black Collar Crime, and Raising Hell gives the goods on the likes of: *The Black Liberation Army, whose members made it their mission to rid the ghettos of police. The killings were, for them, victorious battles in a revolution for black freedom. *The teenager driving a stolen car who claimed that rap music persuaded him to kill the officer who pulled him over. *Con man Gerald Chapman, who developed fan clubs across the country after a string of robberies, jail breaks and murders. *The "neighbor from hell" Carl Drega, whose chronic complaints and simmering rage finally exploded, resulting in bloodshed and death. In this book, you'll get the complete truth behind the tales, and a closer look at the tragic way some cops ended their careers. This tribute seeks to preserve the memory and honor of those killed in the line of duty. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 346 pages 
Price: 16.95 USD

9 Curious Punishments of Bygone Days

Earle, Alice Morse, and Morse, Earle Alice Loompanics Unlimited 1986 915179547 Trade paperback


Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 149 p. Audience: General/trade. Here's a curious little number for you ­p; an illustrated book on torture and torment inflicted by the Church and the State, first published in 1896. Chapters include: * The Bilboes * The Ducking Stool * The Stocks * The Pillory * Punishments of Authors and Books * The Whipping Post * The Scarlet Letter * Pranks and Gags * Public Penance * Military Punishments * Branding and Maiming * And more. Each chapter is illustrated with a drawing of the punishment in action. Written by a well known colonial historian of her day, Curious Punishments Of Bygone Days will be of interest to anyone interested in torture and torment, in crime and punishment, in guilt and justice, and in the never-ending saga of man's inhumanity to man. 4 1/2 x 7 1/2, 149 pages 
Price: 12.95 USD

10 Holy Homicide: an Encyclopedia of Those Who Go With Their God and Kill

Newton, Michael Loompanics Unlimited 1998 9.78E+12 Trade paperback


Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 286 p. Audience: General/trade. 
Price: 8.45 USD

11 Jailhouse Lawyers: Prisoners Defending Prisoners V. the USA

Abu-Jamal, Mumia, and Davis, Angela Y (Introduction by) City Lights Books 2009 872864693 Trade paperback


In Jailhouse Lawyers, award-winning journalist and death-row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal presents the stories and reflections of fellow prisoners-turned-advocates who have learned to use the court system to represent other prisoners many uneducated or illiterate and in some cases, to win their freedom. In Mumia's words, This is the story of law learned, not in the ivory towers of multi-billion-dollar endowed universities [but] in the bowels of the slave-ship, in the hidden, dank dungeons of America It is law learned in a stew of bitterness, under the constant threat of violence, in places where millions of people live, but millions of others wish to ignore or forget. It is law written with stubs of pencils, or with four-inch-long rubberized flex-pens, with grit, glimmerings of brilliance, and with clear knowledge that retaliation is right outside the cell door. It is a different perspective on the law, written from the bottom, with a faint hope that a right may be wronged, an injustice redressed. It is Hard Law. Mumia Abu-Jamal is author of many books, including Live From Death Row, Death Blossoms, All Things Censored, and We Want Freedom. He has been living on death row in a Pennsylvania prison since 1982. 
Price: 16.95 USD

12 Killer Cops: An Encyclopedia of Lawless Lawmen

Newton, Michael Loompanics Unlimited 1997 9.78E+12 Trade paperback


Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 
Price: 12.95 USD

13 Killer Kids

Newton, Michael Loompanics Unlimited 2000 9.78E+12 Trade paperback


Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 249 p. Audience: General/trade. 
Price: 12.95 USD

14 Let Freedom Ring: A Collection of Documents from the Movements to Free U.S. Political Prisoners

Meyer, Matt (Editor), and Alston, Ashanti (Afterword by), and Stewart, Lynne (Afterword by) PM Press 2008 9.78E+12 Trade paperback


Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 912 p. Audience: General/trade. 
Price: 37.95 USD

15 Lucasville: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising

Lynd, Staughton 1604862246 / 9781604862249 Paperback

Brand New 

Lucasville tells the story of one of the longest prison uprisings in United States history. At the maximum security Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio, prisoners seized a major area of the prison on Easter Sunday, 1993. More than 400 prisoners held L block for eleven days. Nine prisoners alleged to have been informants, or snitches, and one hostage correctional officer, were murdered. There was a negotiated surrender. Thereafter, almost wholly on the basis of testimony by prisoner informants who received deals in exchange, five spokespersons or leaders were tried and sentenced to death, and more than a dozen others received long sentences. Lucasville examines both the causes of the disturbance, what happened during the eleven days, and the fairness of the trials. Particular emphasis is placed on the inter-racial character of the action, as evidenced in the slogans that were found painted on walls after the surrender: Black and White Together, Convict Unity, and Convict Race. An eloquent Foreword by Mumia Abu-Jamal underlines these themes. He states, as does the book, that the men later sentenced to death sought to minimize violence, and indeed, according to substantial evidence, saved the lives of several men, prisoner and guard alike. Of the five men, three black and two white, who were sentenced to death, Mumia declares: They rose above their status as prisoners, and became, for a few days in April 1993, what rebels in Attica had demanded a generation before them: men. As such, they did not betray each other; they did not dishonor each other; they reached beyond their prison tribes to reach commonality. 
Price: 20.00 USD

16 Paranoia & Heartbreak: Fifteen Years in a Juvenile Facility

Gold, Jerome Paperback

Brand New 

For fifteen years, Jerome Gold worked as a rehabilitation counselor in a prison for juveniles in Washington state. Throughout his time there, he kept a journal of his experiences with youths who had been incarcerated for murder, kidnap, assault, rape and other sex offenses, auto theft, burglary, and selling drugs. What started as a journal designed to relieve stress turned into the evocation of one man's nuanced perspective on a unique group of young people. Paranoia & Heartbreak tells Gold’s personal story of coming to terms with people who have crossed over to the other side of their own humanity. Writing from ample experience and with unflinching compassion, Gold brings the reader to see these deviants—and through them, in some slanted way, our whole society, with an unexpected intensity. 
Price: 19.95 USD

17 Prison Abolition

Bourque, Yves 


Price: 2.00 USD

18 Prison Round Trip

Viehmann, Klaus PM Press: Kersplebedeb 2009 9.78E+12 

New 28 p. stapled pamphlet 

During the first five or six years of my imprisonment, I learned the survival strategies that got me through the last ten. These are the experiences I'm summarizing here. Bang. The door to your cell is shut. You have survived the arrest, you are mad that you weren t more careful, you worry that they will get others too, you wonder what will happen to your group and whether a lawyer has been called yet of course you show none of this. The weapon, the fake papers, your own clothes, all gone. The prison garb and the shoes they ve thrown at you are too big maybe because they want to play silly games with you, maybe because they really blow terrorists out of proportion in their minds and the control over your own appearance taken out of your hands. You look around, trying to get an understanding of where you ll spend the next few years of your life. Prison Round Trip was first published in German in 2003 as Einmal Knast und zurück. The essay s author, Klaus Viehmann, had been released from prison ten years earlier, after completing a 15-year sentence for his involvement in urban guerilla activities in Germany in the 1970s. The essay was subsequently reprinted in various forums. It is a reflection on prison life and on how to keep one s sanity and political integrity within the hostile and oppressive prison environment; survival strategies are its central theme. Einmal Knast und zurück soon found an audience extending beyond Germany s borders. Thanks to translations by comrades and radical distribution networks, it has since been eagerly discussed amongst political prisoners from Spain to Greece. This is the first time the text is available to a wider English-speaking audience. Klaus s take on survival strategy tells us we can not only survive thusly but can as well continue to serve the cause of liberation which are really the same thing. We can be captured without giving in or giving up. from the Preface by North American political prisoner Bill Dunne 
Price: 4.95 USD

19 Prison-ese


Price: 12.95 USD

20 Race Treason Behind Prison Walls: Two Essays from 1994: Back from Hell: Black Power and Treason to Whiteness Inside Prison Walls & Black and White and Dead All Over: The Lucasville Insurrection

Ervin, Lorenzo Komboa & Lynd, Staughton 


Price: 4.00 USD

21 Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women

Law, Victoria PM Press 2009 9.78E+12 Trade paperback

New Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 288 p. Audien 

In 1974, women imprisoned at New York's maximum-security prison at Bedford Hills staged what is known as the August Rebellion. Protesting the brutal beating of a fellow prisoner, the women fought off guards, holding seven of them hostage, and took over sections of the prison. While many have heard of the 1971 Attica prison uprising, the August Rebellion remains relatively unknown even in activist circles. Resistance Behind Bars is determined to challenge and change such oversights. As it examines daily struggles against appalling prison conditions and injustices, Resistance documents both collective organizing and individual resistance among women incarcerated in the U.S. Emphasizing women's agency in resisting the conditions of their confinement through forming peer education groups, clandestinely arranging ways for children to visit mothers in distant prisons and raising public awareness about their lives, Resistance seeks to spark further discussion and research into the lives of incarcerated women and galvanize much-needed outside support for their struggles. 
Price: 19.95 USD

22 Support Green Scare Prisoners & Defendants: Solidarity is a Weapon

New 16 p. photocopied stapled pamphlet 

The term Green Scare refers to the federal government's expanding prosecution efforts against animal liberation and ecological activists, drawing parallels to the Red Scares of the 1910's and 1950s. A 2002 edition of a prisoner support zine, Spirit of Freedom, defined the Green Scare as, the tactics that the US government and all their tentacles (FBI, IRS, BATF, Joint Terrorism Task Forces, local police, the court system) are using to attack the ELF/ALF (Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front) and specifically those who publicly support them. The term has now been widely used to describe an early 2006 sweep of arrests, convictions and grand jury indictments of alleged ELF/ALF activists on charges relating to acts of property damage, conspiracy, arson and use of destructive devices dubbed Operation Backfire, the cases of the SHAC7, Eric McDavid and Rod Coronado, as well as recent repressive legislation such as the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which attempts to turn activists into terrorists. 
Price: 3.00 USD

23 The Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation

Jimmy O'Halligan PM Press 9/2/2008 DVD

New 2006 

Language: English. Run time: 109 mins. Aspect ratio: 1.33: 1. The Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation tells the gripping story of Robert King, Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox, men who have endured solitary confinement longer than any known living prisoner in the United States. Politicized through contact with the Black Panther Party while inside Louisiana s prisons, they formed one of the only prison Panther chapters in history and worked to organize other prisoners into a movement for the right to live like human beings. This feature length movie explores their extraordinary struggle for justice while incarcerated in Angola, a former slave plantation where institutionalized rape and murder made it known as one of the most brutal and racist prisons in the United States. The analysis of the Angola 3 s political work, and the criminal cases used to isolate and silence them, occurs within the context of the widespread COINTELPRO being carried out in the 1960 s and 70 s by the FBI and state law enforcement against militant voices for change. In a partial victory, the courts exonerated Robert King of the original charges and released him in 2001; he continues the fight for the freedom of his two brothers. The ongoing campaign, which includes a civil case soon to come before the Supreme Court, is supported by people and organizations such as Amnesty International, the A.C.L.U., Harry Belafonte, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry s Ice Cream, Ramsey Clark, Sen. John Conyers, Sister Helen Prejean, (the late) Anita Roddick, Bishop Desmond Tutu and the ANC. Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox have now endured as political prisoners in solitary confinement for over thirty-five years. Narrated by Mumia Abu-Jamal, The Angola 3 features interviews with former Panthers, political prisoners and revolutionaries, including the Angola 3 themselves, and Bo Brown, Geronimo (ji Jaga) Pratt, Malik Rahim, Yuri Kochiyama, David Hilliard, Rod Coronado, Noelle 
Price: 19.95 USD

24 The Big House: Life in American Prisons

Port Townsend, Washington Loompanics Unlimited::Breakout Productions 1991 


Bursting at the seams, our prison system is in a state of crisis. Many prisons are under court order to reduce overcrowding. New drug laws and mandatory sentencing requirements only add to the problem. There's no place left to put criminals except back on the street. The solutions don't come easy. Who should be let out early? Who should stay behind bars? Will taxpayers foot the bill for more jails? Will capital punishment help solve overcrowding? Thousands of lives and billions of dollars wait on the answers. That's why The Big House is so important. The Big House is not a collection of reform theories. Rather, it is an incredibly detailed look at exactly how prisons work: how do you house, feed, and control thousands of violent, angry people? The Big House takes a gritty look at issues like capital punishment, psychosurgery, riot control and dealing with the sexual needs of prisoners. Tony Lesce understands the interplay between convicts and their keepers. A frequent contributor to law enforcement publications, he is also the author of Escape From Controlled Custody. In The Big House, he examines the prison system from all perspectives: the inmates, the guards, the politicians, and the taxpayers. The crisis in criminal justice touches the lives of everyone. Those concerned with how the prison system works -- and how it can work better should start with The Big House. 
Price: 19.95 USD

25 The Convict Cookbook


Price: 24.95 USD

26 The Real Cost of Prisons Comix

Ahrens, Lois (Editor), and Wilson Gilmore, Ruth (Introduction by), and Gilmore, Craig (Contributions by) PM Press 2008 9.78E+12 Trade paperback

New Pyle, Kevin, and Jones, Sabrina, and Willmarth, Susan 

One out of every hundred adults in the U.S. is in prison. This book provides a crash course in what drives mass incarceration, the human and community costs, and how to stop the numbers from going even higher. This volume collects the three comic books published by the Real Cost of Prisons Project. The stories and statistical information in each comic book is thoroughly researched and documented. 
Price: 12.95 USD

27 World Behind Bars – Expansion of the American Prison Sell


Price: 3.00 USD


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